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5 Reasons Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

No matter what you sell ‒ books, flowers or fresh baking, you will sooner or later think about creating a mobile app for your retail business. And this decision will be absolutely right. 

It has already become a thing of the past to believe that these are large trade networks only that need applications. At present small and medium-sized retail stores try to keep up and create interesting and convenient applications for their customers.

If you are still in doubt whether you need such an application, then this article will help you decide and make the right choice.

For your special benefit Umbrella IT company has prepared 5 reasons why your business cannot do without a mobile application.

Are you interested? Then, let’s go.




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You cannot but admit that today it is difficult to find a person who has not got a smartphone. It helps us find out the latest news, communicate with friends, make photos and videos, read books and magazines, listen to music, get around traffic jams on the way from work and, of course, make purchases.

And we perform all these actions using apps:


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Nowadays users get used to keeping their mobiles at hand everywhere and anytime.

And according to statistics the mobile apps account for up to 90% of the total time spent on smartphones.

Therefore, retail mobile app development allows you to keep pace with the times and be closer to the customers who unwillingly leave their gadgets and can spontaneously “look” into your online store as soon as they have any free minute, for example, during the lunch break.




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Today almost every big and small business has its own unique application.

Being bright, interesting and user-friendly it will not only become a business card of your store but also will stir up user’s interest to making purchases.

Just look about ‒ your competitors, for sure, have already launched mobile applications for their web stores too. You aren’t going to keep pace with them, are you? Then hurry up to find professional developers to create your own application.

Go to our article to find out what type of app suits your business: native or hybrid.

The unique and well-designed retail mobile app will help you stand out against other web stores and gain the attention of a large number of new customers. In addition, it has been proved that people often trust the stores that look more trendy and exclusive and, of course, have their own application.




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A mobile application is always at hand, and this means that your customers do not have to drive through the whole city if they want to buy a new pot flower for the living room or food for supper. They can make online purchases during a break in their key activities: at the time of lunch at work, on the way home, in the evening snugly sitting in front of the TV.

So be sure that the buyers will certainly appreciate the available mobile app, which will save their time and become a pleasant substitute for the long visits to the stores.

Even if the customer does not have any sufficient budget by that time he will be able to study the variety of goods in your store and add the liked things to the cart or favorites. Even if he does not buy any selected goods immediately, he will regularly return to your application to make sure whether the selected item is still available, and it is possible that one day he will choose and purchase something else.




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Buyers are ordinary people who have a lot of things to do and to take care of, which can in a flash block all the thoughts about your store as soon as they make the necessary purchase and leave it. But the app is always in sight.

It is unlikely that users will delete your app after the purchase is completed. Therefore, even if they do not often use it your icon will surely meet their eye as they go through applications on the phone.

According to statistics, users delete only every third application of ten installed that means you have all the chance to stay in their smartphones for a long time.

And this fact will sooner or later make them visit your online store to see whether there is anything new and interesting.






Today there are a lot of different ways to unobtrusively persuade any buyer to make a purchase in your store again: accumulated bonuses, holiday discounts, giveaways, gifts and so on. However, it is difficult to tell the client about these programs while he is choosing a new thing in the store: as a minimum, he will not listen to, as a maximum will get annoyed and leave the store.

The mobile app will help you timely and quickly report the necessary information to the buyers through the so-called push notifications.

These announcements which periodically pop up on the telephone screen inform users about new bonus programs without causing them any trouble.



As we promised, you have got acquainted with 5 reasons your retail business needs a mobile app. But this is not the end.

Umbrella IT company is always ready to share with you useful and proven information that will contribute to your business development.

Therefore, we have one more bonus reason why you surely should develop a mobile app for your retail store. So, shall we continue?




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With the help of retail mobile app, you can form more accurate and complete idea of your customers.

How does it work?

  • Firstly, you can find out the countries from which the traffic goes, the time when the buyers are the most active, and build a precise and successful advertising campaign based on this information.
  • Secondly, you can track which categories and items of goods are in great demand among users and, accordingly, restock the selection of your store with goods which are more in demand.
  • Thirdly, you can study the carts of possible buyers, see what they add to favorite, and make them a discount offer.

Such an approach will positively affect the sales in your store, since you will always know what your buyers want.



Now you know that the app developed in details is not a luxury, but the article of prime necessity for any modern business.

The best retail mobile app will not only become the business card of your store but will also help to learn more about your customers and their needs. And this gives you an indisputable advantage over your competitors.

If you’ve made the final decision and are ready to start developing a mobile app for your retail business ‒ don’t hesitate to write us.



Umbrella IT company has many years’ experience in developing various apps for e-trading and will help you create a unique and convenient app for your buyers.

Give our specialists the detailed specification of your future application and get the cost calculation of a custom mobile app development for retail business absolutely for free.



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