Changes are Coming: New Prospects of Mobile Apps in the 5G Era

Changes are Coming: New Prospects of Mobile Apps in the 5G Era

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People have always dreamed of transmitting information over long distances. In ancient times, they used watch-fires and messenger pigeons. In the age of technology, more sophisticated ways have appeared: the Internet and mobile communications, which are constantly evolving. The development of 5G has become one of such turns of evolution.

5G is a new generation of mobile communications, opening up uncharted horizons both for users and business. New standards will determine the development of a large number of industries.

Prospects of 5G

It's no secret that the pace of modern life driven by the technical progress has accelerated thousand-fold. People are constantly on the move, sometimes literally.

Without movement, life is nothing but lethargy.

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Nowadays, people demand higher standards of everything, including communications: they should be better than ever. Users want to have quality access to data - anytime, anywhere.

Active developments in the area of 5G directly tell us that we are on the threshold of a new era.

5G is the fifth generation of mobile communications able to provide a greater bandwidth for broadband mobile communications. Contrary to a popular belief, actually 5G is not a modified version of 4G. This is a completely new technology that will radically change our lives.

5G will significantly expand the already existing opportunities offered by 4G. Moreover, 5G will help improve not only the quality of mobile communications but also the mobile app market.

Today, mobile apps dominate the market. If your business has not yet been geared to mobile apps, remember you are missing a huge niche of potential clients. Our team of professional developers will be happy to help you out!

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5G has already been announced as a network able to transmit data at the speed up to 20 Gb/s. Here's an example for comparison: maximum speed of 4G today is 150 Mb/s, which is 133 times less! Welcome to the era of changes!

5G is the very missing step required to develop a whole list of "future technologies".

5G has become one of the central topics at the Mobile World Congress.

Thanks to 5G, we will have the opportunity to watch "spherical video" and online Ultra HD broadcasts. Smartphones have relatively small screens as compared with other devices, so this advantage will not be so noticeable for them. It’s a lot more interesting that the quality and the accuracy of color reproduction will also improve greatly.

A stable connection will be an essential benefit. You have to admit, it’s very frustrating to have communication constantly interrupted during a video conference. With 5G, you will forget about such problem!

5G will offer new opportunities for media and will delight ordinary users: gamers, fans of live broadcasts and simply those who’ve always been picky about the quality of content they view.

5G Platform Opportunities for Mobile App Development

5G and IoT

Without a doubt, the Internet of Things will be one of the top priorities for using 5G. Ultra-short communication delay (less than 1 millisecond) and longer battery life are perfect conditions for the growth of the Internet of things industry.

Gartner conducted a survey among representatives of various economic sectors, which has shown that 57% of respondents consider the Internet of Things the most promising niche for 5G.

5G will allow working with those areas of the Internet of Things, where the difference between 40 milliseconds and 4 milliseconds is crucial. The industry of unmanned vehicles can be a vivid example of using 5G. An instantaneous information exchange between unmanned vehicles will reduce the threat of an accident to zero.

Smart cities

The Internet of Things is far from the only application of the 5G technology. By using 5G, we will be able to create smart houses and even whole "smart cities" equipped with all kinds of sensors.

Smart cities will be a unique platform for business development due to the possibility to sync a vast variety of mobile apps. The most useful and popular ones will aid in reducing the level of crime, as well as learn to pass on information to each user about any incidents in the city in real time.

If you own a number of different businesses, the development of the smart city concept will enrich several spheres of your activity at once.

Ultra HD Broadcast

Everybody loves positive emotions, especially attending large-scale events. Unfortunately, we don’t always have a chance to do what we want.

Thanks to multimedia 5G mobile apps, we will get a shot at viewing our favorite matches or concerts remotely, without leaving our home.

360-degree broadcast, combined with the technology of augmented reality and 5G, will allow us to see the world more comprehensively. Excursions in historical places, educational films about the structure of atoms or the universe, broadcasting of surgeries to train young professionals... this list is unlimited.

Production & Logistics

The use of 5G mobile apps will help improve the remote control of machines in complex industries. The stability of industrial automation systems will increase, enhancing the quality of products.

Three-dimensional printing, together with robotics and 5G, will even allow designing entire smart plants. The remote control of machines will significantly reduce the risks for people working at hazardous production facilities.

Augmented reality

5G will open up the potential of AR. Augmented reality will transform the situation beyond recognition because of 5G great bandwidth. Users will get a fully immersive effect by utilizing the whole range of mobile apps - from education to entertainment.

Education. The immersive effect will aid in taking all kinds of training courses more effectively and will provide ampler opportunities to render tutoring services.

Wellness programs. Tactile Internet will cease to be a fiction. Now, this is a very real prospect. For example, you can "go to massage" without leaving your own apartment!

Fitness, dances, and yoga. AR will allow you to learn to dance or complete different training programs at a deeper level without your physical presence at the lesson.


Virtual reality technologies will be much-in-demand in healthcare. Complete rest or non-transportability of a patient prescribed by a doctor - with the 5G technology, all this will cease to be an obstacle to delivering top-quality medical care.

Remote medicine will play an important role in the remote monitoring of patients' health. Doctors, receiving information in real time, will be able to respond more quickly.

Wearable devices, used together with medical apps for smartphones, will help keep more detailed records of patients' condition.

Navigational Mobile Apps

High-quality communications will enable a new level of development for navigational apps. This is an excellent prospect for the growth of tourism. For example, you can create a mobile app containing all the most fascinating landmarks from different countries. Add unique, little-known places, as well as a bunch of features and bonuses for your users.

Gamification can be one of the best solutions: users will be able to go on real quests!

Use of 3D Models

The emergence of mobile apps able to create various 3D-models is another way to use 5G. The combination of a 5G-platform mobile app with the latest 3D printers will allow creating higher-quality 3D models of objects. Such apps will be used in many areas, from education to construction.

New Generation of Personalized Chatbots

Of course, chatbots can’t fully replace a man yet. However, the introduction of chatbots improves the quality of service and enhances clients loyalty.

The symbiosis of chatbots and 5G will offer better opportunities for prompt feedback. With the help of mobile apps, an optimal solution can be chosen to resolve service issues of any complexity.

We’ve identified 5 key advantages of 5G:

Most likely, the 5G technology will be implemented as an addition to existing networks. This will cut energy costs. The battery will consume less energy, since the higher speed will make it possible to perform almost any calculations on the backend (and not on the frontend).

The 5G technology will be a real breakthrough due to its ability to adapt effectively to a wide range of requirements imposed on new apps:

  • safety;
  • speed;
  • ower battery energy consumption;
  • reliable communication between devices.

5G: Forecasts

Although a lot needs to be done before 5G becomes commonplace, in a few years millions of devices will be connected to the 5G network. Gartner analysts have found that 75% of respondents are ready to pay for the opportunity to use the 5G network.

According to the research of the consulting company Strategy Analytics, the first 5G smartphones may appear in early 2019. Independent analysis by Ovum shows that the global introduction of the fifth generation network will begin in 2020.

The number of 5G network users:

A Few Words in Conclusion

The introduction of the 5G technology will lead to a great number of new mobile services and even new business models in some industries. At the same time, countries and industries that are not yet ready to invest in the transition to 5G may face problems.

The development of the 5G technology reminds of the famous fable “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” written by Richard Bach. The protagonist believed that to grow he needed to reach beyond limits, constantly strive for development, because perfection doesn’t have limits.

Perfect speed is being there.

Richard Bach

The evolution of mobile communications reminds of how Jonathan explored the speed of flight, mastering more complex and improved elements of aerobatics. 5G represents not just the move beyond the speed limits. 5G is new knowledge embodied in technology, the knowledge that will help make our world better.

In the fable, many seagulls were scared of new opportunities. Jonathan was a true innovator, who bravely soared on the wings of success. Something similar is happening now in the real world - in the near future, the companies able to combine the physical world with the Internet by using 5G will rise above the crowd.

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