Developing Wearable Apps: 3 Sound Reasons To Offer Users Apps That Will Always Be At Hand

Developing Wearable Apps: 3 Sound Reasons To Offer Users Apps That Will Always Be At Hand

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Creating or extending the app for using with wearable devices is a choice in favor of accessibility, simplicity, and efficiency. Are there any valid reasons to state this?

1. Increasing App Engagement And User Retention

A starting point for taking the decision on whether you need a wearable app or not is the scope of functions of the product.

In case any functions are provided for in your project where constant accessibility and simplicity play the significant role, the wearable devices may prove to be the very solution fitting both you and the user.

Creating our new app TakeMyCard, our team intended originally to launch the smartwatch version. We designed the app for fast and easy exchanging business cards. Undoubtedly, such app will be useful not only for the smartphone users but for the smartwatch owners who are even more mobile. The idea of the app itself prompted the shortest way to the users and their hearts.

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2. Entering a New Market

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It was not very long ago as the wearable technology was predicted to make a revolution. Has the tempo been so revolutionary as expected? Gadgets and Wearables writes that according to Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker by IDC the global shipments of the wearables will grow to 222.3 million in 2021 (compare to the 132.1 million in 2017).

Look about: nowadays wearables are turning into things that the user becomes accustomed to. If you do not have any smartwatch, you are likely to manage to live without it. But those who have already used the wearable devices will purchase a new gadget without any doubt. And the existing users will anyway need applications.

The demand for the wearable applications is in place.

And the major players are well aware thereof.

Evernote enjoying the stable interest of mobile and web users is extended to Apple Watch. The app is intended to serve as complementary to the original Evernote app. It allows dictating notes, setting reminders, and looking through recent content.

Telegram is now available for watches on Google Play and App Store. That means you can send messages, both text, and voice, or create chats for your group.

3. Tapping Into New Niches

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The market offers a great variety of wearable devices: starting from traditional wristband and smartwatch to the most surprising solutions with smart clothing and smart pieces of jewelry. For clarity, we divide them into three categories:

  • health and fitness

The first association triggered with the word “wearables” are the trackers (watches, belts, wristbands, chest straps) that help in managing and monitoring health and wellness issues.

Fitbit offers you extensive options starting from tracking steps and distances to monitoring heart rate and guided breath sessions.

  • beyond traditions

The category includes contact lenses, rings, clothing - anything used in a non-standard way in addition to their regular functions.

The dominating industry trend is to make gadgets smaller. On the other hand, a tiny item does not allow huge functionality to be fitted in. The more’s the motivation...who knows what the future holds.

The global innovation event CES 2018 demonstrated lots of amazing wearable technology solutions: learn about cool new products among the applications under the Software and Mobile Apps category in our article!

A new UV sensor was introduced by L'Oreal. Being less than 2 mm thick it may be installed anywhere you choose: to your watch or to your thumbnail. Via NFC the accompanying application (iOS and Android options available) interprets the sensor’s data, and based on the resulting info you may adjust your UV exposure.

  • smart assistants

Actually, any smartwatch is capable of fulfilling the fitness tracker functions. But their battery holds its charge within 1-3 days due to rich functionality while the wristband with much fewer functions remains charged for a month or longer (though any exact times depend on real use). This means a smartwatch cannot support every 100% monitoring function continuously On (such as sleep tracking).

So, it makes sense to consider the smartwatches as a separate multitask assistant category for both people and smartphones.

The numerous options offer the apps developers massive opportunities for blue-sky thinking. And unique and, in their way, innovative products will serve for the benefit of yours and to the users’ delight.

4. Bonus Tip. Be At The Right Time In The Right Store

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It is an open secret, that the app stores are overcrowded with millions of various applications that fit every taste. At the same time, the subcategories for smartwatches are much less populated whereby really engaging apps are few and the opportunity is open to show quality, attract attention to your apps and gain profit. Now is the right time that you should not miss!

Everything you need to encourage the users to choose your product is to find an experienced developers’ team to get a high-quality app developed. In this case, the same requirements are valid as for any other app: it shall be top-class in terms of UI/UX, coding and security. But the wearable apps development is characterized by some specific features you need to know and use in a right way to make your new apps stand out and deliver the users benefit and joy.

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As any other branch, the wearables industry faces certain issues to be handled:

  • the screen space is small and implies definite restrictions for functions scope;
  • the more functions your gadget performs, the more often the battery needs recharging. And this may cause some inconvenience.

Anyway, challenges are solvable, and the technology does not stand still in terms of both hardware and software.

What is the way to compensate for the small screen size?

Which features does your app need and which can be spared?

Ask us now! We will be happy to answer any questions.


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