Focus of Research: Where Directors and Project Managers Read IT News

Focus of Research: Where Directors and Project Managers Read IT News

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According to Mediator, Group attention analytics system, the topic-specific media sources in Russia amount appr. to 12 288. On the average, each of them publishes monthly over thousand stories. While the media are competing with each other for views, likes, and scroll depth users are on every side overloaded with junk information from social networks, messengers, and entertainment media. In this context, this is not so easy for the quality content to catch the eye of the target audience.

In December, we conducted our own express research to find out where top managers and project managers in retail and financial companies are looking for information on relevant IT solutions.

What are the Reasons Behind IT Company’s Own Research?

Our focus areas cover IT consulting and we are constantly monitoring any and all IT news and trends. To make it clear for our clients what advantages they can get of some technical solution we speak on its strength in the blog or for media sources. But we shall be sure to precisely reach our target audience. For this very reason we performed the research and segmented the media sources by the share of our target audience covered.

Prior to starting the work we analyzed various published sources – mass media popularity and citation ratings, and defined to what extent we can benefit from any of them.

  • Medialogia – a media source that offers the ratings of the most cited industry-specific media. 
    • Advantages: mass media can be segmented by industries and regions. The changes are tracked on the quarterly basis: IT and telecom media and financial media.
    • Disadvantages: no data on media audience are available.
Ranking of the most cited financial media by
  • Mediascope – a research company that offers information on the audience of popular mass media and Internet sources.
    • Advantages: audience demographic information is presented. For example, the percent of the top managers among the readers of Rbc, Kommersant and Tass can be compared. 
    • Disadvantages: not all our target media are covered. Besides, the demographic information section does not specify any activity field and industry, so that we cannot make a conclusion whether our target audience is present in some information channel.
Information on the audience of by

Additionally, some media present the detailed information regarding the audience they cover. For example, portal shares the statistical data about their readers’ field and position and Rbc reports on the proportion of the opinion leaders in finance and auto area. At the same time the analysis of media kits offered by the most popular media shows that not all media share such detailed information.

Thus, various media sources offer some or other piece of information. But this does not give a complete picture of our target audience distribution in the Russian media.

IT News as Viewed by Clients

To get a full picture of the media where our target audience is active we drew up a questionnaire for top managers and PMs holding key positions in large companies within two focus industries: retail and finance.

We started from the survey among our current clients. The respondents were asked to answer several questions regarding industry specific sites, channels, or blogs where they usually search for IT news. A list of media to choose from varied depending on the industry, the option was offered to add own variants and to leave a comment. Further on, to make the selection more representative we launched a Facebook Ad Campaign based on the questions.

The precondition for respondents was to specify their position hold. The research covered СЕО, СМО, СОО, CPO, СQO, and РМ representing the companies within our focus industries. Besides, an inevitable error was made up by a small percent of non-targeted respondents. Their answers were not taken into account when summarizing.

According to the questionnaire results, we found some dependencies and offer here the most representative values and conclusions.

Top 5 IT News Resources

Our first point of interest referred to the information sources used typically by top managers and PMs. We set no limits for the participants - they could select one of the options suggested or add their own variant. 

Prior to conducting the research we examined the investigations already available (for example, according to Mediator 72% of Russians prefer to learn news on official sites, while social media and blogs are chosen by 31% only). But the survey findings among our target audience showed notable deviations of the statistics.

1. A leading role plays the social media: 62% of directors and project managers are subscribed for professional communities and business blogs. This can be, for example, Business.Strategy, Spark, SecureNews,,

I have no entertaining content in VK and Facebook news feed, only things I am interested in on a professional basis. Pieces of news only: all that’s happening in the world.


I follow the working chats – there is always something useful and curious to make a hit.


2. Mass media goes second they still enjoy trust of more than half of the respondents – 57%. Mostly, people turn to mass media to keep an eye on the news within their area of interest. Besides, they seek for information to solve the specific task. 

As I have now a strategic mission to raise our profile on Russian market I read everything related to Russian business. For example, Rbc.


I like that offers the content at the intersection of technologies and business. The feed format is engaging as well.


Thereby the digital mass media plays an increasingly significant role. According to data by Federal Press and Mass Communications Agency, the major priority of the periodical publishers is promotion of the mobile-friendly Internet newspapers and magazines.

Weekly coverage of Russian media audiences (cities with a population of 100 thousand or more) / Moscow, 16–64 years.

The results of our research support the trend. The best-read mass media are often followed in social media. Besides, news consumption  is growing in WhatsApp (the messenger is most actively used to share the news content). Some of the survey participants shared the list of their VK and Facebook subscriptions: they include among others, Rbc, Generalni Direktor, Vedomosti, Esquire, Forbes,, Rusbase,, etc.

3. The third place is shared by YouTube and Telegram channels. At the average, 39% respondents visit them searching targeted for the educational content according to their professional or personal aims.

Educational – this is Telegram: Lebedev, Maxim Dorofeev, Gandapas, Skolkovo subscription. I have a number of YouTube subscriptions related to entrepreneurship, personal efficiency.


The technological platforms attract a growing number of users due to the original content, high visualization rate, and friendly environment while the opinion media format continues growing in popularity.

4. In search of the narrow focus IT information C-level and PMs visit mostly  Habr, Megaplan or some topic-specific portals. But even cumulatively they are far below other sources being monitored by 17% of all participants.

Educational – this is about books, this is Litres, Habr, but just to maintain the expertise.


I read – but this is about QA only.


5. Two times less Internet users trust e-mailing: this is only 9% of them who receives IT news per e-mail. Some of the participants opposed categorically to using e-mails for said purpose.

I unsubscribe from emails. The main point here is what for. I see clearly the tasks before me for the next year or half-year. These are the task which I try to read, watch, and search about.


Thus, the audience priorities varies. Once irreplaceable mass media are transforming and pass the baton to new technological sites. Top management prefer getting news in one source – personalized news feed in social media or messengers.

Top 5 Media that C-level and PMs Read

In the second part of the survey the respondents were asked to name specific IT and retail media sources which they most prefer and trust. The opportunity was given to choose from the options provided or add their own.  

Additionally, we offered an opportunity to choose any of the suggested variants or add own options.

According to the results received we made our own media list covering both general topic and narrow focus ones. 

  1. – selected by 56% of all participants.
  2. TAdviser, CNews – 30 and 27.5% accordingly.
  3. Rbc – read by 21% of all respondents.
  4. Retail/Retailer/New Retail, Rusbase – 15%.
  5. Forbes, Banking, Generalni Direktor, IT Manager – each of them accounts for 10-12% of the respondents.