How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App in 2017

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App in 2017

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The cost of any project depends on a huge number of details and nuances. For example, different company-developers can have different prices for the same application.

The reasons why it is so you will find in this article.

Also, you will find out the criteria that form the final web and mobile application development pricing and the average cost to develop an app in 2017 as well as the nuances that you should pay attention to if you plan to start developing your project.



When planning a future project, you always want to know “How much does it cost to build an app?” but it is difficult to foresee the final cost of its development because it depends on many factors.

Below there are the main criteria you need to pay attention to beginning the work on the app and choosing the team of performers:

  • The development team price per hour
  • The number of hours required to develop your project
  • The complexity level of your future app
  • Possible risks

These are the criteria that final cost of any project development is formed from in 2017.

And now let's have a closer look at each of them.



Despite the fact that you will discuss the same project with all the potential performers, the cost of their work will vary greatly.

Do you want to know the reasons why it is so? We can answer:

  • The country that the company is located in

I think no one is surprised to find out that the rate in more developed countries such as the USA and Canada is much higher than the Third World countries companies rate, for example, in India.

Rate is the cost of an hour of development

The graph below shows the difference between the average hourly rates in different countries.


But one must understand that in addition to prices the quality of the work performed will also vary greatly. It is unlikely that someone wants to create a unique and well-developed application for you for free.

What are other reasons for work price difference of different teams of performers?

  • The experience of developers

As in any other business, the rates of the companies that have existed on the IT market for many years and have polished their web and mobile development skills are higher than those of companies-novices.

This is because of several factors: firstly, the developing skills of companies-novices are not as good as the skills of more experienced companies. Secondly, while the latter has already passed the test of time, novices can face a number of difficulties that will interrupt the stable work on your project and break the deadlines.

  • The uniqueness of the required skills

The more complex and unique the programming language, frameworks, platforms that developers have to work with on your project, the more expensive their services are.

For example, it is not so easy to find an experienced GO developer, while almost every programmer knows PHP. Hence it turns out that for the same amount of work on GO you will pay much more than on PHP.

And now let’s get acquainted with the most highly paid programming languages:


If you are lucky you can find a developers team that can competently choose the most optimal technologies for your project based on their many years experience rather than enforce you to use the most beneficial solutions for them.



Discussing the hourly rate of one or another performer it is necessary to understand that the development of your project is a long process that will take more than one month. Therefore, you should find out right away how much time it will take a potential team to develop each of the tasks/functions and the entire project in total.

The number of hours spent on development of your project mostly depends on:

  • Qualification of the developer

The more experienced the developer is and the more similar tasks he performed, the faster and easier it will be for him to work on your project.

Choosing a team of professionals you can expect that your project will be completed faster and more qualitatively than if it is done by a separate novice developer-freelancer.

  • Client actions

Of course, the number of hours directly depends on you. If you plan to regularly introduce new ideas, change the project plan in the course of work, then do not be surprised that the development process will take much more time and the number of hours and the price of the project will increase.

  • The complexity of the application

If you plan to develop a large-scale product with a large number of functions and features, for example, the user will be able to sign up, send messages, add goods to the cart or pay for purchases with a card, then you should understand that such development will take more than one month, and the developers will need many hours to turn all your ideas into reality.

Correspondingly, if you plan to create an app with a small functionality, then it will take much less time.



As it was mentioned earlier, one of the main criteria for the final cost of your project is the complexity of your future product.

After studying the following provisions, you will be able to understand how large the project is to be and, accordingly, how much app development
cost can be:

  • Application type

First, it is necessary to understand which application you want. Maybe you want to develop a mobile app for smartphones or, quite the reverse, you want a web application. And do you need a responsive version?

Accordingly, if the team chosen by you is mainly specialized in web development and you want a mobile application, then this task will become more complex for them and take more time. Therefore, one should carefully choose the developers' team as well as the type of application.

Planning to create a mobile app you have a question “How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?” and want to figure out android app development cost and iphone app development cost. But you can’t do it without deciding what type of app you want to get: native or hybrid. To learn more about these two types and their difference read our article “Native vs Hybrid Apps”.

  • Uniqueness

Undoubtedly, if your app is unique and sole, then users will certainly notice it and this means that you will have an advantage over rivals.

But a unique product requires not only a unique idea but also a unique performance: a rare language, new frameworks, and functions designed just for it, an inimitable design.

Such development of newest details for your application can require much more time and, accordingly, more development skills what will lead to an increase in the cost of your project. But, on the other hand, you will be sure that spending this money you will get a unique and one-of-a-kind app.

  • Integration with other services

It’s a great idea to integrate your application with other services, for example, social networks because users like to share interesting links and news with each other.

But you should remember that the more such services you integrate with your product, the more likely one of these vendors will fall off. This means that your application will need constant support of developers who can ensure the stable operation of the entire app and promptly eliminate the arising problems.



Possible risks include all unforeseen situations which may arise while creating your application. For example, the leading developer can fall ill and the chosen team will have to look for a new performer in his stead, or a hurricane can pass through the city, and the office of your developers along with all the equipment will be seriously damaged.

Yes, such circumstances happen very seldom but, nevertheless, they happen. Therefore, two types of payment for the project are usually singled out in connection with possible risks:

  • Fixed payment

Practice shows that the fixed price for a project is usually higher than the price of the real number of hours spent by the development team working on the application. This is due to the fact that the fixed price initially includes all possible risks that can directly or indirectly have a negative influence on the work of the team.

  • Hourly payment

In the case of hourly payment, you only pay for the number of hours actually spent on development of your project.

If different teams of performers offer you different types of payment, you can study both options and choose the one that is more reliable and expedient for you.



Having got acquainted with the main criteria that form the final price of any app development you expect to get some estimation, don’t you?

Umbrella IT company has many years’ experience in developing different apps and we can say that:

Simple app development usually takes about 300 hours. Consequently, you will pay about $15K for such a product.

Middling complexity app development takes from 300 to 1500 hours in its turn. This way, you may spend from $20K to $50K depending on the app functionality you choose.

Highly complex app development takes more than 1500 hours and you have to invest about $60K and more.

First, such a huge amount of hours may scare you but having taken a closer look you will understand that 300 hours is just a 2 months long period. And 1500 hours is about a half of a year work.

Moreover, you don’t need to immediately give all the money for all the months of development to the chosen developers. Quite the opposite, we advise you to divide the whole development process into small phases and pay each phase separately once it is done.

At least, Umbrella IT team does this way to provide its clients with a clear understanding of the work process and minimize all the risks.

If you already have an idea of the future product and want to get an exact estimation just contact the Umbrella IT team.



Our article is nearly over, but now you know the criteria that the final cost of development of any application is formed from and what you should pay attention to when starting working on the project in 2017.


  • The developers team price per hour
  • The number of hours required to develop your project
  • The complexity of your future app
  • Possible risks

Also, you know the rough pricing of different app types and, as a result, starting working on the project you will clearly understand what you are paying money for and the chosen performers will not be able to pull the wool over your eyes and overstate both web or mobile app development cost.

In our turn, Umbrella IT company is always ready to learn more about your idea, provide you with an accurate estimation based on the functionality you choose, give some pieces of advice and make your dream come true delivering a unique and qualitative product to you.

Ready to discuss your idea?

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