Mobile App For Finding Doctors

Mobile App For Finding Doctors

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People willingly use applications which simplify their lives and save valuable time. Generally, these are apps providing services: web stores, e-books, and magazines, guidebooks, personal fitness training, news…

Medical services don’t stay on the sidelines and people's interest in such apps is constantly growing.

Probably, you have already assessed all the benefits of the application providing medical services since you plan its development: no queues, the ability to automate the entire process of getting and providing medical assistance.

However, before starting medical app development, Umbrella IT company advises you to study this article and form a full and detailed idea of the application you want to receive. You should know the following:


Though all the medical apps for finding doctors have similar operating principles and functionality they can be divided into several types.

Take a look at the highlighted types and read more about the type most interesting for you:  

  • Application for searching for specialists of a particular medical institution.

You will be able to place the detailed information about the full spectrum of services of your hospital, physicians as well as collect all the certificates and licenses in one place. Your patients, in their turn, will have an opportunity to study this data and choose a suitable specialist. Such an app will distinguish you from сompetitors since patients will know in advance that your institution provides all the necessary services and there is no need to look for specialists in other places.

  • Application for searching for highly specialized doctors.

On this platform you can gather a big number of physicians with special skills, for example, these can be dermatologists, surgeons or nutritionists. Your patients looking for a highly specialized physician will be able to download your application, compare several specialists and choose the most suitable and competent doctor for themselves.

  • Application for searching for any medical specialist.

It is a platform where you can gather specialists from different medical fields. Such an app will interest any patient who needs doctor’s consultation. In your application they will be able to choose several physicians of necessary specialty, find out the details about their qualification and get help from the one they liked most of all.

Anyway, no matter what type you choose, you have to decide whether you want to create a medical app for IOS or Android or for both platforms. Don’t know how to make a right choice? Read the article.


For sure you have already decided why you need to build a mobile doctor app.

Nevertheless, it can be useful to you to learn others’ goals for creating applications for searching for doctors. Perhaps you will rethink your goal or will expand it:  

  • Automated work of a medical institution.

One of the reasons you may want to make a mobile app for finding doctors is to automate the work of any hospital: patients won’t have to stand in a queue to make an appointment. This can be done online: having studied the hospital staff they can choose a necessary specialist and make an appointment when he is free.

  • Gathering doctors with special skills in one place.

Such an app will become widespread only in narrow circles. Nevertheless, it can be one-of-a-kind and have no competition what is its undeniable advantage. So when patients need to pick up a competent doctor they will use your application exactly.

  • Making the search for doctors of different specialties easier and faster.

Such an app is definitely useful for everybody. In case someone needs to consult with a good doctor of any specialty he can easily use your app.


If you want your application to be in demand you need to think about a unique feature or function that will differentiate your application from competitive ones.

Study the unique functions offered by Umbrella IT company. Maybe you would like to add some of them  to your app:

  • If a patient does not know which doctor to come to he will be offered a questionnaire to fill out. After that, he will get preliminary examination results and some recommendations to visit a certain specialist for further medical examination.
  • Patients can make an appointment online.
  • Patients can specify service cost they are ready to pay and the doctor can either agrees to this price or refuse it.
  • Patients can have electronic medical records where all the results of examination and tests will be gathered. When a patient needs any of these results he can quickly print them right from the personal medical records.
  • Patients can write directly to a doctor to discuss the treatment details once they have chosen a suitable specialist.
  • Physicians can remotely examine patients by means of a video call.
  • Physicians have an opportunity to create groups and chats right in your application to share their experience, discuss interesting medical cases and give recommendations to each other.


Irrespective of the competitive advantages you choose for your application for finding doctors you need to pay particular attention to a set of standard functions your app can’t properly work and be in demand without.

Namely, you should carefully think over:

  • Specialists registration

If you plan to create an app to find doctors of a particular hospital you need to create similar profiles for all your employees and add or change up-to-date information about their skills, experience, licenses, and certificates well-timed.If you are going to create a platform having nothing in common with any medical institution then it is important to decide how specialists will sign up in your application. Most likely, initially you will have to ask specialists to register in your application. When the platform gains popularity and there is a continual influx of different specialists you will need to introduce a strict doctors selection to maintain a high reputation of the app.

  • Filling out the patient medical records

You should think about the data patients must fill out to sign up in your application. Will it be standard email address and password or is there any sense to request more important information? For example, it is essential for ophthalmologists to know if a patient has ever had any laser eye correction and when while surgeons need to know if he has any allergy to drugs or previous operations.

  • User’s personal account

It would be convenient for any patient to have his personal account where all his medical records and doctor’s examinations are gathered as well as prescriptions and a planned treatment course. This way the patient could log in the app and get all the detailed information about his health at any time. And, on the contrary, it would also be helpful for a specialist to see who his patients were and when what diseases they had and what results of their previous tests were.  

  • Doctors search system

Perhaps this is one of the main functions of your future app. If the search system is inconvenient and complex patients won’t get the hang of it and, accordingly, will not use your application. Besides being easy to use the search system should include a big number of criteria. For example, patients сan find necessary specialists by the following parameters:

  • physician’s specialty
  • physician’s location
  • doctor’s status: whether he is a private specialist or works at any hospital/clinic
  • years of experience
  • availability of certificates
  • cost of services
  • Communication between specialists and patients

First, you must decide whether you want patients to be able to directly communicate with physicians in your app or not. If not then you should return to the ″select doctors″ item and think over the contact information they should provide so that the patients could contact them. And if you want to set up the communication system between the doctor and patient right in the app, then, what will it be? Maybe it will be an online chat or an opportunity to send messages? Anyway, the process should be easy and convenient; otherwise, patients will not use this system.

  • Making and confirming appointments system

The system of making an appointment by a patient and confirming it by a physician must be well-organized. If this system works incorrectly the scheduled appointments will not take place. Firstly, the system must show the actual free time of a doctor to avoid a situation when several patients have appointments at the same time. Secondly, you should decide whether patients’ appointments will be confirmed automatically if physician’s time is free or a doctor must first study a patient and his case and only after that decide whether he wants to take up his case or not.

  • Payment system

To make it easy and comfortable for patients to pay for medical services you should choose the most simple and widespread payment system for your app. It would be even better if you add several payment systems to your app simultaneously. This way each patient will be able to use one most convenient to him payment method. For example, they will be able to pay via:


Our article is coming to an end but you have got acquainted with the main details essential to applications for finding doctors.

We are sure now you have a complete and detailed idea of your future app and know how to create a medical mobile app for finding doctors. The next step is to start searching for a professional team of developers. Read this article to know where you can find it.

In any case, Umbrella IT company, an expert in the development of mobile and web apps, is always ready to start working on your project and develop a mobile health application in the best possible way.

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