How to Find the Best App Developers  for Your Project?

How to Find the Best App Developers for Your Project

Umbrella IT

Finding an app development team for your project is one of fundamental problems that should be solved with the maximum profoundness and knowledge of the matter because those experts will turn your ideas into reality and the future of your project to a great extent depends on their skills and abilities.

For 10 years already, Umbrella IT experts have been turning into reality various challenging projects from middle- to large-scale ones. Today we share with you the key tips on how to choose the right professional developers team to have your project carried out in the best way in line with your expectations.

  1. Searching for the Team
    1.1. Specialized platforms
    1.2. Google search
    1.3. LinkedIn
    1.4. Word of mouth
  2. Selection Criteria
    2.1. Foundation Year
    2.2. Size of the Company
    2.3. Portfolio
    2.4. Website
  3. Decision-Making

1. Searching for the Team

Today there are many different ways to find IT experts ranging from the simplest "word of mouth" to specialized websites.

1.1. Specialized platforms

You want to find professionals in their field who have many years of development experience, a large stack of technologies used, and project examples, which are similar to yours. Therefore, you may start your search right from specialized platforms, where qualified IT specialists offer their services, such as:

Here you can not only study the portfolio of potential candidates but also get acquainted with the real feedbacks left by previous clients, check their skills and discuss the details of the work.

Umbrella IT advises using the Upwork platform for hiring app developers. Upwork offers a large selection of specialists, the processes of search, communication, and collaboration with them are understandable and easy. To start the work:

  • sign up on the Upwork platform as a client
  • create a vacancy (post a job), where you describe what project you want and who you need to have it done
  • choose “freelancers, search for freelancers”
  • set the necessary rate, experience, specialization with the help of filters and choose Agency freelancers
  • review the profiles of candidates and write messages to the chosen candidates along with the invitation to start working on your project by clicking on the button “invite to job”

As soon as you post the job the potential candidates will start responding. Check them also paying attention only to those who a, skipping freelancers, and then proceed as described above.

Another way to look for app developers is to check ratings and reviews of leading IT and business services companies on various platforms, such as Clutch, the Manifest, Goodfirms, 99 Firms, Top Digital Agencies, etc.

For example, you may explore the Top Custom Software Development Companies Of 2020 according to DesignRush to compare location, team size, pricing, reviews, and more details about various agencies to choose the right one.

To hire the app programmers team of your dream you may also use one of the most popular search engines that is Google. Go to Google and type various keywords or word combinations related to your project in the search line.

For example, you can use these:

  • professional developers team;
  • website development team with portfolio;
  • mobile app development for ios/Android;
  • professional development of e-commerce websites;
  • order mobile app development;
  • web project creation for *here is the specification of our project*.

You may also search the ratings that appear on the first page of Google to see internationally recognized development companies, their clients’ reviews, and their ratings, such as Clutch, GoodFirms, Softwareworld, Top App Developers, etc. 

This list can be continued endlessly, the main idea is that it must reflect your needs.

As a result of the search, you can find personal websites of specialized companies, various forums and advertisements with contact details of IT specialist teams.

1.3. LinkedIn

This is a professional social network for searching and establishing business contacts known all over the world. Here you can not only find the profile and contact information of various IT experts, including professional app developers but also contact them, share your product idea, and offer to become the part of the project.

LinkedIn has a convenient search system: you can search for companies and other information by filtering candidates on a wide range of criteria including keywords. Here you can also send a message to the candidate.

  1. Open the search.
  2. Select Companies.
  3. Type in the input line "Web developers company".
  4. Click on “See all employees”.
  5. Choose candidates with the СEO or СTO position and write them a message: "Hi, I'm looking for a team of developers for a new project! Can I discuss this with you or do I need to talk with one of your colleagues?”

Note that when you open a company or a specific candidate profile, the search engine offers also to contact other similar specialists displaying them in the list on the right side of the screen what can also save your time and increase the chances to find the right app developers company.

1.4. Word of mouth

Nothing prevents you to follow the simple proven way and ask friends and acquaintances whether they have a good team of developers in view.

So try to remember of your friends or acquaintances is somehow connected with the IT-sphere and write to him:

"Hi! At the moment I am looking for good app developers to deliver a web (mobile) project. Could you recommend someone?"

Experience has proven that there are always several people who can either share contacts or advise where else you can continue your searches to hire a developer to make an app.

You may also write a post on common social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, to tell that you are looking for app programmers for hire.

After the publication, ask your friends and acquaintances to make a repost of your post. Visit various groups about the development of web and mobile projects and leave your ads similar to the above mentioned.

The more people see your post, the more candidates you will be able to communicate with and then hire professional mobile or web app developers.

2. Selection Criteria

No one would entrust the product to the first team of developers that comes to you claiming that they have huge work experience on similar projects and will do everything in the best way.

These are the facts only to be trusted. Below there are some selection criteria that should be found out primarily when communicating with a web or mobile app developers company as potential contractor.

2.1. Foundation Year

You want to be sure that the development of your project will not stop in the middle of the process due to the internal problems and difficulties within the developer company.

Therefore, you should not consider companies that exist in the IT market for less than 3 years, otherwise, you cannot be sure of their stable work.

2.2. Size of the Company

You want your project to be developed steadily and according to the fixed schedule. Therefore, the larger the team of developers is the better. You should not choose a company with a staff of fewer than 15 people unless all of them work on your project.

If there are more than 15 people in the team of performers you can feel at ease as even if any member of the team cannot continue working on your project for a certain reason, whether it’s an illness or vacation, there will always be another employee in the reserve who can take on his duties and continue working on your product.

2.3. Portfolio

To make sure that at the end of the works you will receive your project exactly as you expected, study carefully the portfolio of the the programmers you are going to hire to make an apр.

The main thing you should pay attention to in the portfolio of the chosen developers team is the similarity of its previous projects with the one that you are planning to create. If IT experts have already had an experience of developing such products, they are aware of the eventual challenges and the way to avoid them. Otherwise, the risk of errors and unstable product function increases many times.

2.4. Website

Study the website of the potential performers carefully as it is the face of their company. If you do not like the corporate website of the chosen team it seems intricate and complicated to you then it will most likely be difficult for you to cooperate with them, misunderstandings and additional problems may arise. And this will lead to wasted time, nerves, and most likely the result that will not satisfy you.

The performer must be on the same wave with you, look deep into your ideas, and clearly understand how to turn them into reality.

3. Decision-Making

The search for app coders for hire covers also some negotiation tactics. Some tips on how to behave and what to pay attention to you may find in our article Reduce Risks While Planning Web-project Development.

As soon as you have read and studied all kinds of Internet platforms and websites, asked friends and acquaintances, published posts about development team search in the social networks, it is time to attentively and carefully get acquainted with potential candidates, sort out all the unfit and choose the most worthy ones.

  1. Do not choose more than 3 potential teams. Don’t invite everyone to interview because you will simply have no time to talk to each of them. As a result, you can miss some important details and get a garbled or incomplete idea about each of them.
    Therefore, you should carefully study the portfolios you received and choose 3 most suitable candidates based on the criteria described above.
  2. Choose the team which you feel most comfortable working with. Only cooperation in comfort and harmony can lead to success. Do not choose a company which you find it difficult to communicate with even if its portfolio seems great. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to explain to the developers what kind of project you would like to receive and it will be even more difficult to correct errors and defects during the work process.

Paying attention to all these simple but important criteria will allow creating a clear and true idea about the​​ work with potential candidates and help to choose the most suitable team that will have experience and knowledge to create a strong product.

In our turn, Umbrella IT is ready to offer our experience and skills to deliver a unique and qualitative product to you. For more details of our clients’ success stories visit our Projects page.