Effective Generation Z  Management in IT: New Prospects

Effective Generation Z Management in IT: New Prospects

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Generation Z is the young people born after 1995. The generation has already started and will continue to explore actively the IT world as job applicants, businessmen, and clients.

The article will tell you how to use the available information about them when allocating responsibilities in your team, choosing a remote team to be delegated various tasks, influencing their decisions and behavior patterns in general.

The new generation is much talked and written about. A lot of epithets have already been found: iGeneration, linksters, post-millennials. They have already been attributed some features that are mutually exclusive. Actually, there is more than enough information to be considered.

And even if they do seem too young to you to be given some particular attention and time, it only seems so. Look around - children who have recently learned ABC, now handle skillfully any innovative technologies and are not afraid to think and live globally, gradually blurring the lines and boundaries between people.

According to results of Varkey Foundation survey that covered over 20 000 young people from 20 countries, the generation Z has some exciting specific features.

Consider for a moment the environment in which these young people have been growing up since their birth (we mean the generation born after 1995). This is the surrounding reality that is reflected in their attitude to the world, to their own lives and professional future.

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Contribution to your team by Generation Z as engaged society members:

On the one hand, the representatives of this generation are young and feel happy and enthusiastic.

On the other hand, their fears are far from being phantom. Being aware of the specific threats that they will have to deal with, they are ready to contribute to the life of the society, instead of being limited to their close environment and family.

Any IT business intended for long-term global existence is a part of society and in some or other way it faces the challenges of the society. People who are consciously ready to take part in the public life will be a driving force for both internal and external relations of the team.

The generation Z representatives need to have clearly identified their role in the whole system, and their significance for the company and its success, in general. The rising generation appreciates independence and transparency. They strive to make the world a better place, offer them doing it together.

77% expect they will work harder than the generations before them (12 Surprising Generation Z Insights On Their Work Attitudes And Behaviors, Ryan Jenkins)


Contribution to your team by Generation Z as authority-conscious young people:

The young people who belong to the generation, are devoted to their families. They do respect the opinion of their parents, friends, and teachers.

Linksters see their managers as teachers or mentors. Accordingly, they choose the relationship built on honesty and support. In such a case the more personalized communication will be more effective than, for example, matter-of-fact guidelines and messages. And the young members of the team who are ready to listen to, learn and adopt experience, as well as appreciate real skills will be a reliable foundation for your company’s stable future.

74% prefer communication with colleagues in person (12 Surprising Generation Z Insights On Their Work Attitudes And Behaviors, Ryan Jenkins)


Contribution to your team by Generation Z as entrepreneurs generation:

Having witnessed the global economic crisis, they are practically minded and plan how they will make a living from a very young age. They believe that proper education serves as a reliable basis for the future, and they are eager to pay for it themselves. At the same time, fame is not their key goal. The Linksters can learn the way to achieve success due to the implementation of own ideas from living examples.

According to Forbes in 2017 thirty of the youngest billionaires (under 40) are self-made. The best is yet to come.

The Generation Z is comfortable among heaps of information, these young people think in a global and innovative way and are aimed at using every opportunity open. They will bring along new ideas looking at the habitual things from a fresh perspective. Identify their range of responsibilities and give them a free hand for the methods to fulfill the tasks. Offer them the opportunity to realize their potential and provide the effective guidance.


Contribution to your team by Generation Z as digital natives:

The Linksters believe in the power and potential of modern technology and cannot imagine their lives without it. This is the most obvious and objective difference from all previous generations, which is difficult to dispute or ignore.

The rapid technical progress is their second nature. And the up-to-date technologies are accepted as facts of the real environment but not as fantastic movie and book stories that came alive. Who else but they will create the future with their own hands. In order to use in full their creativity and technical potential and innovative thinking, you will need to provide them with all the necessary equipment and conditions for work and cooperation with the colleagues.


Contribution to your team by Generation Z as global citizens:

They feel at home in the net and accept no boundaries. They have friends in different parts of the world, with different religious views, regardless of social roles.

  • 63% believe that the same-sex marriages should be legalized,
  • 89% say that men and women should be treated equally,
  • 74% support the same rights for transgender and non-transgender people (Generation Z: Global Citizenship Survey by Varkey Foundation).

At the same time, they have learned the lessons of the previous generation concerning the hazards caused by publicity, and protect their private information against public access.

The young adults who can take the world and the other people globally are the real catch for an employer seeking a team or headhunting team members to work with the client remotely.

At the same time, the Generation Z representatives would rather choose to work with a small team in an office, than be a part of a virtual team. (12 Surprising Generation Z Insights On Their Work Attitudes And Behaviors, Ryan Jenkins)



In order to get a maximum profit of the new generation in IT, you need to:

  • make the company mission clear and define the part of the Linksters on the way to success;
  • build relationships based on the honesty and mutual support;
  • give a free hand for the creativity;
  • bring Linksters an opportunity to learn and self-improve;
  • let them perform diversified tasks;
  • guarantee financial and social stability;
  • take into account the generation’s mentality and attitude.

This is the general picture of the generation that is currently growing up. Undoubtedly, a new day will adjust things in its own way, and we will learn the young people from a new perspective. And we’re ready - welcome!




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