The Allure and Beauty of a Talent Depends on it’s Cut: Establish a Motley All Star IT Сast

The Allure and Beauty of a Talent Depends on it’s Cut: Establish a Motley All Star IT Сast

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This short article is a useful reminder of what types of employees can contribute to the prosperity of your company.

Each person chooses his/her own way. While some prefer to trudge along within their comfort zone, others strive for success. By their temper, employees can be divided into two types - introverts and extroverts. We will tell you about each type, using the example of puffbirds and hummingbirds.


Pensive puffbirds


Puffbird people are introverts; they are inactive and practically indifferent to the world around them. They lack initiative and are satisfied with little. It seems that these people have no chance to rise above the crowd and turn into leaders, simply because they don’t believe in themselves or their abilities.

At first glance, they adapt to changes poorly and easily fall prey to a competitive environment. Such people are usually inert; they are afraid of new things, many people think that the puffbirds achieve no significant results in their lives.

The puffbirds have some weak points:

  • it is hard to communicate with them (sometimes they are "too self-absorbed");
  • they get tired of multitasking and empty conversations;
  • they have low-stress resistance and self-esteem;
  • they are afraid to leave their comfort zone;
  • it is hard to make them change their mind.

The puffbirds are satisfied with eating midges of everyday life and live in burrows or hollows. It is hardly possible to push them to streaming for success. There is an opinion that the puffbird people are so passive that they do not notice any amazing opportunities for self-development. But this is not quite true.

Of course, among the puffbirds, there are really boring, overly extravagant or embittered people, but this only demonstrates the lack of harmoniously developed personality and inability to accept themselves. Primarily, we will focus on the puffbirds that have chosen the path of progress.


Strong points of puffbirds


  • Their creativity sprouts in solitude


In fact, there are many very talented people among the puffbirds. Solitude is not a restriction for them, on the contrary - it helps them plunge deeper into their inner world.

The puffbirds are observers and researchers. Among the puffbirds, there are many writers and scientists, QA and analysts. The puffbird people prefer to work alone; some of them need absolute silence. And amazing things are created in such silence.

Sometimes the puffbird people choose a remote job because the office is too noisy and distracting for them. Solitude gives strength to such people. Harmoniously developed puffbirds are self-sufficient, they do not need any external factors for inspiration, they know how to find it inside themselves.

The puffbirds are thinkers by nature. They don’t gush out ideas but take time to think about everything down to the last detail. The puffbirds have a nonstandard approach to problems, it is simply inherent in their nature and required for their self-actualization. As a result, the puffbirds find nontrivial solutions to problems, which is always very valuable.


  • Puffbirds are prone to self-recovery

The puffbirds are immune to hustle and bustle, as a consequence, they do not burn out from an excessive drain of energy in an effort to do everything at once and faster than anyone else. Puffbird thinkers draw strength from sleep and rest, they live in an energy saving mode.

While some people fall victim to endless worries, the puffbirds simply keep doing their business calmly. Thus, a measured lifestyle protects them from constant changes in the environment.


  • Self-criticism motivates the self-improvement of puffbirds


Low self-esteem, evolving into self-criticism, is one of the main motivations for a puffbird: "I'm not good enough at this, so I have something to strive for, I have to understand it better!"

Puffbirds don't struggle with the outside world, they try to study it at the deepest level. Convinced of their imperfection, puffbirds change reality, changing themselves, becoming at the same time excellent professionals.

Despite excessive self-criticism, it's extremely difficult for puffbirds to tolerate criticism from others. Otherwise, at the end of the day, it can lead to the opposite effect - a decrease in self-esteem and deep depression. In fact, sometimes they just need to be cheered up.


  • Puffbirds are very friendly


Despite the fact that puffbirds prefer solitude, they are actually very good at getting along with colleagues. The puffbirds attach great importance to small things. They are generous in saying such simple words as "thank you", because they are very vulnerable by nature, even if they hide it.

When communicating with colleagues, the puffbird people try to be polite and sensitive, they are afraid to provoke any negative reaction from their interlocutor, they strive for empathy, and sometimes they understand others even better than themselves. These people have a very rich inner world and they are ready to share it with others.

If you’ve made a decision to start a long-term project, you have no tight deadlines and quality is a priority, then you should definitely pay attention to harmoniously developed puffbirds.


Ambitious Hummingbirds


Hummingbird people are bold and energetic extraverts that embody positive and endless self-development. They are most resilient birds in the world, they easily adapt to changes and can survive in any conditions!

But even hummingbirds are not perfect, they have their weak points too:

  • the hummingbirds get quickly tired of daily monotonous duties;
  • sometimes they lose interest as quickly as they turn on the heat, some of them even burn out;
  • they overestimate their strengths;
  • the hummingbirds are sociable, but their communication is often superficial;
  • they live for the moment, do not know how to plan anything in the long run.

Of course, among the hummingbirds there are really arrogant, overly selfish people who do not care about the comfort of business partners and customers, such hummingbirds quickly burn out from the inability to curb their nature and harmoniously synchronize with the rhythms of the surrounding world.

However, we would like to draw your attention particularly to harmoniously developed hummingbirds, because they have a number of strong points!


Strong points of hummingbirds

  • Communication charges them with energy

The hummingbirds live in cozy nests woven of pro-activity and feed on the most delicious nectar of communication. They enrich their inner world through communication.

Appreciation by others strongly motivates them to new achievements. The hummingbird people have an excellent sense of humor, they are lively, cheerful and uninhibited in their communication. Such people can find an approach to almost any interlocutor. They have many interesting connections in various fields.

The hummingbirds have very versatile personalities, they can swiftly switch from one topic to another, the same can be said about their work.


  • They live in a flight


The hummingbirds live a very bright and eventful life, constantly striving for perfection. The hummingbirds live their entire life in motion, searching for new opportunities. These people are ideally suited for multitasking and perfectly cope with air flows of most diverse information.

The hummingbirds are much superior to the competitor’s thanks to their incredible diligence and, of course, unsurpassed mastery of flying. The hummingbirds are unique, they can move in any direction. Such people fascinate and inspire!

Their curiosity helps them replace a sick colleague easily or take on a brave mission: to work overtime if it is necessary for the company's regeneration (if the deadline is tight or an employee quit).


  • Hummingbirds are enterprising

Ideas come to them spontaneously, they immediately put them in their arsenal and offer to implement them in practice. Additionally, the hummingbirds put up a good performance with brainstorming. This is their element!

The hummingbird people are very creative, they can generate many out-of-box ideas, quickly becoming formal or informal leaders, inspiring others to explore new horizons.


  • Hummingbirds are open to everything new and are not afraid of change


They perceive changes in their environment as a challenge and easily find a way to adapt to new rhythms of work, besides, they are self-disciplined. Sometimes they may seem invincible.

Their unrestrained energy cannot leave the employer unfazed.

And the whole world is not enough…

The hummingbird people constantly search for new ways of self-improvement. Sometimes such people start working in a remote team, thereby opening up new horizons for themselves.

Working in a remote team gives the hummingbird people new ways to express themselves, in addition, they can work at any time, even combine work with rest, in the work smart not hard mode.

The hummingbirds are made to fly to your aid at any moment and they have everything required for this purpose.


Who is more successful? Puffbirds or hummingbirds?


Summing it up, we would like to note that successful people can be both puffbird introverts and hummingbird extroverts by nature. In any case, it is important to get the best out of your abilities, while turning your weak points into strong ones. Thanks to this, the world keeps developing and evolving.

We hope that this short material will help you put together an excellent team for your project. It can consist of puffbirds and hummingbirds, the thing is to find a proper task for each person.

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