Fly on the Wings of Productivity!

Fly on the Wings of Productivity!

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The modern world of business doesn’t take half-measures and half-action, for this reason, we often throw ourselves into work, completely getting out of the reality. Trying to keep up with the crazy pace of life, we update, upgrade and level up. But we forget the all-weather simple truth.

Sometimes complex problem solving turns out to be very simple and the productivity improves through the actions that are equally effective for both the business and family.

Let’s have a little bit of a break and just take a look around: nature and its course are always a source of the most productive ideas.

Umbrella IT’s new article will tell you about three simple ways to improve your personal productivity. Put your troubles aside and fly on the wings of the productivity!


Leaders and Mediocrities Have Different Paths to Follow


Have you ever noticed that some people are like the inaccessible island rails? These are the small, grey, weak birds that cannot fly. Real leaders remind of the mighty keas? Keas are very inquisitive and daring explorers who like to fly high above the ground.

If you would like to improve your productivity do not leave your inner circle unchallenged. Look for the ambitious business partners who like to fly on the wings of success as much as you do.

No less important for your team to share your values and strive for the self-development and set the ambitious goals. Then and only then you may gain the upper hand.

If people around you just get accidental energy boosts and do not set the ambitious goals, that means you have different paths to follow. Don’t waste your time and energy on those who don’t deserve it.

“No reasoning is able to show a person the way that he doesn’t want to see,” Romain Rolland

Leave the uncertain and doubtful inaccessible island rails and fly onward and upward like a mighty kea!


Hoarding Addiction Makes Life Harder


No matter what surroundings you have, sooner or later too many throw-outs will start sapping your energy.

Hoarding is a characteristic of a poor man thinking.

Compulsive hoarding has to be a wake-up call as it is the reflection of your inner world. Don’t preset yourself for regress being too materialistic.

"Don’t store at home things if they are not useful or beautiful,” -  William Morris

Make it a rule to clear out once in a month. It might be just a single thing that lies in your wardrobe or in the garage. This also can be the contacts or business strategies that have outlived their usefulness a while ago.

Don’t overtask your workers, human resource is not unlimited. Backlog tasks, low-priority projects, and business process management require additional time and money.

You surely have tasks that can be delegated to the remote team of experts to facilitate the work of your local team. Whether you prefer outsourcing, outsharing or dedicated team, the choice is yours. Fortunately, there are a lot of different options in the modern world.

Unnecessary things and secondary tasks make life difficult hinder from flying higher. You become more productive if you start to cleanse your life from everything unnecessary on a regular basis. Сollect nothing more than the experience and positive emotions.


Be Yourself


There no two identical people in the world they say (except for the twins, of course, but this is another story). Nature has taken care of our uniqueness.

Every successful businessman is unique and he becomes even more successful and independent if he takes into account the variety of his own attainments. Such people achieved some striking results because they have another vision. They strong and charismatic leader.

Over the course of your life, you’ve met interesting people and read dozens of books. But all of this is the experience of the others. Your life is different and that is beautiful. Don’t try to be the second Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. Look for your own way to become the first. That is exactly what all the famous people did. Who are you? Who’s name will leave a mark in history?

"You will always have some excuse not to live your life,” - Chuck Palahniuk

You can’t become the one you’re not by any stretch. That’s why it’s better to focus on your best qualities development. Work out your own strategy of success and be steady in your purpose. With a particular focus on your personal fulfillment, you invest in your success and become more productive.

Your business has its own way for sure. But there is only one winning approach: gain your purpose no matter how hard it is. After all, you have your proactive team by your side.

You can entrust a remote team your secondary and low-priority tasks. The remote team would save you trouble. Go ahead and use their time and experience!

Hire the remote team

At the conclusion, we would like to give you our traditional bonus advice.


Gratitude is Golden


Actually, this is might be the most important thing. The success could be expressed in a certain amount of money, saved time or the distance covered. Only feelings make a person feel that he truly lives. Gratitude is a nice way to sustain your personal productivity on a high level. Also, it’s a pleasant experience both for you and surrounding persons.

Gratitude will make you great!

Grateful people are an indicator of your success. If you see that your clients, workers, and partners remained pleased, it means you’re truly good at what you do. And you’re doing just great if you could have exceeded expectations of your customer.


So, The Wings of Success:

  • work with people who are enthusiastic as much as you are;
  • entrust the remote team your secondary tasks and focus on the high-priority projects;
  • don’t be afraid to go your own way to success;
  • make the world a better place and enjoy the gratefulness.