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Life Lapse: Tell Your Story


Last week an app for creating time lapse videos made by the Russian web-development company Umbrella IT was ranked as a Top App by Apple.

Time lapse shooting is a video technique which builds a clip up out of series of shots made at fixed intervals with a static or sliding camera. Intervals between shots can vary from 0.5 seconds to several hours depending on the desired result.



Time lapse has been existing for over 100 years, yet it got traction only with science and cinematography.

Technological expansion popularized time lapse videos and made it easier for the mass audience to create their own personal time lapse videos with a minimum of tools. Now everyone can documents their memories as time lapse video – all you need is a smartphone and Life Lapse App.


What is Life Lapse?

Life Lapse is a passionate project of a Canadian Sarah Boland, whose dream was put into life by our team of developers for several months.

Sarah Boland’s goal was to make creating exciting and compelling time lapse video easy and accessible for everybody. The success of Stories and animation in the loop speak for themselves: short user’s clips’ potential is very high. In Boland’s view, a time lapse video is a perfect option for travels, pregnancy and weight loss transformation videos, product presentation videos and much more.

I have put so much on the line to bring this crazy vision to life…I quit my job, bootstrapped an amazing team” says our client Sarah.

And everything has worked out: last month Life Lapse was personally approved by App Store manager at Apple Canada HQ office in Toronto. And a few weeks later what started as a passionate idea of Sarah Boland now is one of the Apple Top Apps.


Why Life Lapse is unlike the others time lapse apps

AppStore offers a wide range of the apps helping to create time lapse videos. So why is Life Lapse the one that popular?

  • Video is supported: the Life Lapse’s most unique feature is an option to build a time lapse video up not only out of pictures but out of short clips at a few seconds intervals. This feature helps to diversifies the footage and to increase its action;
  • Opacity Slider – intuitive subject’s synchronization from clip to clip;


time lapse opacity


  • Multiple Projects – limitless actual projects are supported;


time lapse unlimited projects


  • Back camera and Selfie Mode;
  • Notifications – updates and reminders;
  • Customize Sizing – a built-in tool for converting photo and video to each social media’s standard size;
  • Filtersa library of filters to edit photos and videos;


time lapse filter


  • Speed – capability to adjust time lapse video’s speed;
  • Music – a library of 15 songs for a project’s background music.


time lapse music


What’s next?

First feedback is received. Currently Sarah Boland and we are working in symbiosis on sharpening the concept, functional extension and debugging. Our short-term plans include App’s development on Android.

We highly recommend you the app! Download and enjoy! Save your brightest memories with Life Lapse!


Umbrella IT is ready to deliver your most audacious and ambitious project. Contact Umbrella IT – we’ll answer all your questions.


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