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All Architecture Industries Services Solutions Technologies
All Backend DevOps Frontend Mobile QA
All HubSpot Java Laravel (PHP Fwk) Node.js PHP Python Ruby (RoR) Symfony (PHP Fwk) WordPress WordPress VIP
Mary Kay


years on the market

Backend QA Retail Python UI/UX testing E-commerce USA Dedicated team


year of foundation

Retail Python UI/UX testing E-commerce CMS USA Dedicated team
SHE Media

60+ mln

unique users per month

Backend DevOps Big data Media Node.js Python Java AWS AWS Redshift Data processing Google Analytics 360 USA Dedicated team
UGC Platform

Essel Group

parent corporation

2 months

to create a platform



Machine learning Media React.js Typescript Python AWS Video analytics USA Dedicated team MVP in 1,5 month
Backend Media Python Data processing USA Dedicated team
Media Node.js Python E-commerce Video analytics USA Dedicated team


conneсted modules

Frontend Backend Microservices Fintech Retail Angular 2+ PHP Symfony (PHP Fwk) Node.js Python SaaS Sweden Project in 3 month ERP
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