Customer Development Research and UX Design

$24k for 5 screens and 1 user journey

The only disadvantage of customer development model is that after you’ve done it once, you won’t be able to stop.

Сustomer Development Research and UX design services are necessary when

  • the application development is underway, but it’s unclear whether the new product will be user-friendly;
  • irrelevant ideas need to be filtered out before the development begins to minimize required investments;
  • the product target audience hasn’t been growing, nor have the engagement levels, the conversion rate is dropping, so it’s necessary to find opportunities to improve these metrics;
  • app ratings in App Store/Play Market are lower than 3.8 and specific impactful changes are required.

Creating a product that will sell

70% savings

from filtering out irrelevant ideas

80% more visibility

due to well-thought-out website/application structure

Up to 2 times

higher desired action conversion rate

Up to 30%

reduction in bounce rate

How does it work?

  • we form a focus team of real users who belong to CX analytics target audience;;
  • we meticulously analyse user journey based on real world cases and fill it in with the content supplied by your stakeholders;
  • we fix mistakes and prevent inefficient UX practices before the development process;
  • we collect users’ insights that can be later used for marketing purposes;
  • depending on the scale of the project we involve our colleagues from UX laboratory of Higher School of Economics.

How do we conduct customer development process?

Engaging our team

The team consists of a project manager, UX designer, and business analyst.

Collecting and analysing information

Our business analyst collects data from all key stakeholders involved with product releases. We then split the target audience in up to three groups, and assign a customer avatar and context for each of the groups.

Following user journey

Together with the client we determine potential avenues for user journey and focus on the most important one in detail.

UI layout draft

According to the chosen user journey, we create up to five UI layout screens for further UI/UX analysis.

Selecting respondents

At the same time we are preparing a focus group in agreement with you.

UX testing and layout optimization

We test the selected user journey on three to five respondents. Based on their feedback we make corrections and improvements in the layout.

Next iteration

We repeat the process, constantly testing and improving the layout, until positive feedback reaches at least 50%.


UI layout in Figma ready for development and feasibility assessment.

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