MVP Development for Fixed Price

We offer a team to develop within an approved budget and time a software product with minimum functions required to go to market (a so-called minimum viable product).

MVP development is needed when

  • The product is required to be presented to stakeholders or investors to obtain funds or investments;
  • It is necessary to check whether the product is in demand;
  • It is planned to launch the product faster than competitors.

Procedure for cost and time calculation

An analyst conducts interviews with all client’s stakeholders, makes a project mind map, and prioritizes the functions for building a minimum viable product. Together with the client, we decide which of them are necessary to bring the product to the market. We calculate the time required for their development, determine the team composition, and fix the final cost of the MVP development service.

Example of cost and term calculation for our clients:

Building MVP from scratchAdding value to current product
MVP exampleMobile app MVP for FMCG franchiseeMVP for delivery system integration in retail mobile app
MVP scope– Back-end;
– mobile apps with 2 screens (iOS and Android);
– administrator panel.
– Integration with Ozon.
Team– 3 Middle+ Developers (back-end, iOS, Android);
– QA;
– Analyst;
– Project Manager (PM).
– 2 Middle Developers (iOS, Android);
– QA.
– Project Manager (PM);
Development time680 hours.510 hours.
Cost of works

Work stages

Start of works

To build a minimum viable product we start with the standard procedure.

We sign NDA with the client. The client gets acquainted with the PM. The Umbrella IT team starts with the project immersion.


  • Conducting interviews with stakeholders. Selecting the basic functions for creating a minimum viable product, sorting them by priority, fixing restrictions.
  • Approving the budget, the term, and the team. Agreeing upon the specification and prototypes with the client.
  • Determining the list of any possible third-party solutions and modules to accelerate the progress of creating an MVP. Making use of the previous development experience.

Iterative development

  • Presenting the client the results of every milestone (1-2 weeks).
  • As soon as all MVP milestones are closed, the project is brought to the stand for beta testing by the client and presentation to the investors.

Product release

Deploying the product to production. Upon completion of each milestone, we conduct a demo.

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