MVP software development in 1.5 month

MVP (Minimum viable product) software development – is the release of a product with the minimum necessary functionality to the market.

Who needs the service

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), Product Owner (PO) may hire an MVP software development company if they have an innovative product idea and need within a short time:

  • to test the product with real users:
  • to start product monetization to enhance business performance.


80% of payment

upon completion of the works

MBA experts

in retail, banking & media


ready-to-use modules in the solution library

What we do

You come to Umbrella IT with an idea that requires MVP development service for a quick launch. We work on the scope based on KISS, YAGNI, and other principles to build it.

Statistics of results


due to quick launch to the market

Up to 3 times

faster start of building MVP & development

Work stages

We conduct an interview with stakeholders. We select the key functions and sort them by priority. We prepare a mind map with all the features

Preparing wireframes
We prepare and approve wireframes

Searching IT solutions
We define the list of possible third-party solutions and modules to accelerate the MVP software development, meet deadlines and eliminate risks

MVP software development
Upon completion of each milestone, we conduct a demo

Product release
We release the product to be tested by the real people

Work samples