MVP for 1 month

$11 000

Who needs the service

Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), Startup Founder, Product Owner (PO) with an innovative project idea, who:

  • needs to test it within tight budget limits;
  • needs to put the operating product on the market on a tight schedule;
  • has no experience with custom solutions integration.


80% of payment

upon completion of the works


completed international projects


ready-to-use modules in the solution library

What we do

You come to us with an idea. We work on the scope based on KISS, YAGNI, and other principles to create minimum viable features required to launch the product.

Statistics of results


fixing of expenditures for innovation

By 200%

increase in number of new projects

Up to 3 times

faster product launch

Work stages

We prepare a mind map. We select the key functions and sort them by priority

Preparing wireframes
We prepare and approve mockups

Possible solutions
We define the list of possible solutions to step up activities

Upon completion of each milestone we conduct a demo

Product release
We release the product to be tested by audience

Work samples

Apply for

To get the minimum viable product within 1 month

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