Proof of Concept in 1 month

Proof of Concept (PoC) — technical proof of the idea implementation.

Who needs the service

Chief Information Officers (CINO), Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Product Owners (PO) who have an innovative product idea and need:

  • to prove that the idea is worth investing;
  • to define the accuracy with which the system will operate in the future.

What we do

You contact us with an innovative idea. We develop a PoC, implement the most complex functionality and submit the project to the testing stand.

Work stages


We determine the innovative functionality to be implemented in PoC.

Use cases

We list the use cases the PoC includes.


We define the scope of works for the period of 3-4 weeks, where each week equals 1 milestone.

PoC development and testing

We submit the results to the demo stand for the implementation accuracy testing.


We provide technical proof of the idea and draw a conclusion about the identified constraints and recommendations for the further development.


80% of payment

upon completion of the works

R&D department

for developing innovative solutions

Statistics of results

Up to 1 month

hypothesis testing

Up to 2-3 times

increase in business development speed


PoC and MVP built

Work samples