Proof of Concept in One Month

Proof of Concept (PoC) is a technical proof that the idea can be realized

Who may need this service

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Product Owner (PO) who have an innovative idea for a project and need to:

  • prove that the idea is worth future investments;
  • determine how accurately the future system is going to be operating.

What we do

You tell us about your innovative idea. We develop a PoC. We implement the most difficult functional part of the project and release it for testing.

Development stages

Getting started

We determine the innovative functions that need to be released as a Proof of Concept.

Usage scenarios

We put together a list of scenarios associated with the use of this functionality in terms of a Proof of Concept.


We determine the scope of tasks for 3–4 weeks, with one iteration per week.

PoC development and testing

We submit our work results for you to establish how accurately the functions have been executed.


We provide technical proof of the idea and present our conclusion, outlining any constraints and recommendations for further development.

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Why choose us

80% of the payment

upon completion of the job

R&D department

for developing innovative solutions

Our results statistics

Up to 1 month

hypothesis testing

2-3 times

faster business development rates


PoC and MVP built

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