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Streaming For Success


For any company, the secret of success lies in movement. Ambitious, fearless and energetic specialists subsequently become proactive employees, providing top-quality work and making Сustomers happy with excellent results, even exceeding their expectations at times.

Any company is like a stream. The source of the company develops naturally – at first, a few people, ready to leave the swamp of their unimplemented ideas, come together and set it all in motion. That’s a start. The start of the path to great achievements!

Usually, the company’s course is twisted; the company starts to move confidently in the chosen direction, driven by the spirit of its leader. Sometimes a CEO of the company can change the path, taking into account external factors, which may change the company’s place, size or form of management.

Only one thing remains unchanged – movement. The most important thing is to keep going, then and only then the stream can survive. And as Martin Luther King said:

“Keep moving. Let nothing slow you up. Move on with dignity and honor and respectability”.


Like streams, conditionally there are 2 types of companies:

  • Constant
  • Seasonal

Constant: confidently move in the given direction, bravely overcoming any hardships on the way. The stream gains strength, becoming a small river. The outcome of such companies is the lake of unlimited possibilities and the sea of satisfied customers.

Ultimately, the strongest of them reach the ocean of fundamental innovations – innovations in product creation and innovation in the style of company management.

Seasonal: often change the direction of their movement rapidly. On the one hand, such companies can eventually be most adaptable to the changes of the market, but they are most likely to “dry up”, always darting from a niche to a niche, or they will turn into swamps, using obsolete technologies.

The stream strength comes from fresh ideas and enthusiasm of its employees; people and development are the company’s most valuable assets; this process can only happen in dynamics.


How to ensure a constant movement of your company on the way to success:

  • Set the core energy into motion


Set the drive! Position your company confidently, show how you love what you do, and soon similar wonderful employees will join your ranks. Nothing motivates better than a personal example of a driven and positive leader who believes in his company.

It is vital not to forget what is really important, to remind your people that each day brings you closer and closer to the goal.

“Management is nothing more than motivating other people,” Lee Iacocca, former President of Ford and Chairman of Chrysler Corporation.


  • Provide your employees with the opportunity for self-development


Conduct regular surveys: what does the company lack, in the opinion of its employees? People will tell you. Pay attention to all natural moves towards self-development. A great potential of possibilities is hidden in diversity!

Umbrella IT has implemented this as follows: we have made a Trello board, where our employees can propose innovations. People see support; it motivates them and leads to excellent results!

“Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are most productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability,” Anne Mulcahy, former CEO of Xerox. 


  • Let your employees move


If work in your company is mostly sedentary – give people the opportunity to work out a little. It could be horizontal bars, treadmills, ping-pong tables, ab benches, etc.

From time to time, allow your employees to work out during working hours. Immobility leads to stagnation and stress of the body. As a consequence, there are illnesses, early aging, persistent fatigue syndrome and a decline in efficiency, respectively.

Physical activity refreshes, it gives energy to a person, who is less distracted by illnesses, remains toned and continues to please you with excellent results, so the movement goes on!

As an experiment, try and introduce the following rule: together with your HR department, develop a schedule, breaking down a working day into small breaks for workouts, and offer it to your employees.


  • Don’t let your company turn into a swamp


If a person is desperately reluctant to move forward – to keep evolving, learn new things, take delight in his work, then he should no longer be on your team. Work only with those who love movement and constantly strive for development.


In conclusion, here is a small parable

The stream had a goal – to reach the sea. It was the whole point of its life. The stream bravely moved towards its goal, eventually grew stronger, becoming a small river. And one day, the stream came across the most serious obstacle in its entire life – a huge desert on its way… “Is this really the end?..” the stream said.

The sun answered the stream with a smile: “No, this is not the end. This is a new start. You will turn into steam, then a cloud, a thundercloud and finally will rain onto the sea.”

“It’s not happening!” the stream replied. “I’d rather be a swamp” and he became a swamp.


It is very important that among your employees there are those who will be with you in the same stream – fearlessly striving for success and development on the way to a common goal.

People who have started living in the stream of ideas and self-development simply cannot return to the “swamp”, since it runs counter to their evolutionary way. They are resolute, ambitious, self-confident, open to the new and fear no challenges.








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