How to Create a Good Logo for Your Business: 7 Useful Tips From Designers

How to Create a Good Logo for Your Business: 7 Useful Tips From Designers

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Logos that we choose: way from a pic to the legend

How does it actually work, that the popular logotypes often consist of several letters or some simple drawing, but still trigger in memory the complete chain of associations and sometimes of quite real feelings.

Surely you smell the fresh coffee as you see the twin-tail mermaid Melusine of Starbucks.

The pessimist will sigh heavily being sure that we all die prior he would manage to climb to the heights for his logo to be recognized by millions. While the optimist will be inspired and start enthusiastically clearing out, what shall be taken into account and done to make the business logotype not to be lost among the others, but to turn into a new legend and strike to the hearts of the millions to be best remembered.

We suggest you together with Umbrella IT going into details of the good logo creation process.



Be careful when choosing the designer.

No matter which way you look at it: business logo is created by a designer (or a team of designers). And its popularity depends largely on the skills and talent of the author.

The remarkable example is a well-known success story of how to design a logo for a business: Chupa Chups emblem created by Salvador Dali.

It was created in 1969, and over the past 48 years has been only slightly changed - the master’s idea was a hundred per cent hit.


Think of the emotions that you expect as feedback from people and of the way to trigger them, otherwise any nice picture remains only a nice picture.  

Do not forget about the reverse side of the coin: the logo reflects your business. Whether the reflection is worthy depends on the item to be reflected. The best business logo design shall speak volumes about the main idea, but in concise manner, triggering the chain of associations, feelings and sensations.

Think of Google: we got used to inventive surprising changes in the familiar letters on the homepage, and we recognize them styled in any way, because this is Google, and they are always at the heart of events.

And now, just for a second, imagine that the Coca-Cola letters would start dancing and sparkling with multi-colored lights in a new touching Christmas video. Everybody would be really surprised, as Coca-Cola font and colors have become for us a symbol of the stable and reliable company.

Two favorite brands. Two different approaches. Two unique solutions.


Engage yourself in creating the logo, even if you have no similar experience and are not strong in principles of design: nobody knows your business better than you do.

Sometimes the idea itself is proposed by the owner or active business partner, who knows every detail and aspect from inside. These stories are numerous, and they have proved to be successful in practice..

No less a person than Adolf Dassler (founder of Adidas) was the author of the idea to use now well-known three stripes to identify products of his company.

Times change, range of products is updated, but three stripes still remain the hallmark of the company (though somewhat changed as compared to the original version).



Never be afraid of fresh ideas. Banality doesn’t suit anyone.  

The first rule: no typical patterns.

The world of logos accepts no stereotypes and standard approaches.

You may object that the designing logo is not so important for a small business, therefore there is no need to invest enthusiasm and spend time and money for that.

But the business will develop, and the brand awareness will grow in parallel. Needless to say, that the good logo itself will not guarantee you any high profits and win-win solutions, but will help win hearts of your target audience. And increasing the number of loyal consumers is one of the business development targets, isn’t it?

Do not be too lazy to go to Best Global Brand 2017 Rankings presented by, and you will see neither “twins” nor “cousins” among 100 brands. Every logo implies its own idea expressed in its own form.


The modern world is generous with complicated challenges and brain-teasers, but sometimes everyone needs lightness. Do not overload the viewer with details.

The trick is not to get lost in ideas and images.

Just enjoy the process and the result, you have no need to experience any unpleasant emotions in connection with the implementation of your ideas, let the painstaking job side for Umbrella IT -  contact us right now!

We do all remember what was the first point of Apple logo evolution.

For the logo you may use:

  • name of the company,
  • abstract images,
  • images directly related to your business field.

Never try to square the circle with your logo. Think over, what shall be obvious and what is worth to be alluded to in order to intrigue and to spark interest.

This will require definite efforts because it is important not to step over the fine line to make your logo be:

  • simple, but not straightforward,
  • memorable, but not empty,
  • intriguing, but not inconceivable.

The simple pictures often conceal hidden elements that are not always apparent at first glance. As soon as we become aware of their existence, we start trying to catch sight of them on every pic as if we belong to some mystery (though known to a couple million people more).

Do you want to feel engaged? It’s easy.

If you need to hide anything, put it in plain sight. This is exactly the case with Toblerone chocolate.

The well-known logo “hides” a bear, associated with the city of Bern where the chocolate is produced.

For you not to scratch head over the issue, we give the tip on the lower second picture.

The following example we suggest you to consider on your own.

These curly letters "le Tour de France" hide the bike rider.

Can’t see?

Look closer at letters “o”, “u” and “r”.

And level for those who are prepared to see “invisible”.

What is hidden in FedEx logo? Too complicated?

Here some tips:

  • the element is white;
  • it is between “Е” and “х”.

Now it will be difficult for you to abstract and stop seeing the white arrow. It is a kind of peculiar symbol uniting those who are in the loop.


Do not try to keep up with the momentary fashion trends, look ahead.

The next specific feature of the good logo is its timeless nature. We just see the well-known brands around every day, and it makes no difference, how many years, months or centuries they exist. Visa, Disney, Nike, McDonald’s: they can be equated with the classic Viennese Waltz, small black dress, red London double-decker busses. It seems they have been existing and will exist for ever.

What do you think is the age of the oldest logos? 10? 50? 100?

The Twinings logo, which is well-known among tea fans, has been used for over 220 years without any significant changes.


Make provisions for your logo to match naturally with all your marketing items and to become their integral part.

As you see, logotypes can live rather a long life. And they do “live”. Not only because the logos change depending on the business concept and modern design trends and principles, but also because they can be used under various conditions and in various situations.

Your logo is not a simple picture drawn by the designer on a definite surface that suits it perfectly.

  • What will happen, in case the field is changed?
  • And in case the logotype is to be zoomed in or zoomed out?
  • Does it match to any other marketing items used?
  • Will your logo still remain memorable and eye-catching?

To eliminate any awkward situations, make your logo to be prepared for them.

The example that follows shows that the logo of Prague Zoo does not lose good looks and simpliness independent of the background and location.


And we will end up with the additional Umbrella IT bonus, one more business logo design tip as you always get from us more than we promised.


Even the simplest idea may serve as basis both for legendary logo and for new successful business or popular app.


When creating the logo for your business, keep in mind that in order to be eye-catching and able to take the rightful place among the famous brand, your logo shall:

  • reflect the unique nature of your business and approach;
  • intrigue with its simplicity and completeness;
  • be timeless;
  • be capable of being adapted to any conditions.

Come with your fresh ideas and assure their successful implementation together with Umbrella IT!