Umbrella IT – Banking on Mobile Applications

Umbrella IT – Banking on Mobile Applications

Umbrella IT

With new mobile apps and updates launching monthly, it is beyond argument that all of us are getting more and more attached to the mobile phones as they are actually helping us through daily lives.

Since 2009, our team has had the pleasure of creating bespoke apps for companies banking on the mobile environment both for automating their internal business processes and for providing better experience for their customers. With 23 Clutch reviews under our belt, we proudly say that we are already tried and tested.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews agency from Washington, DC. Their platform is internationally recognized in the B2B space for its curated content relating to various service providers from different industries and locations.

Last month, a client of ours left us a review on our Clutch profile. This review features an iOS and Android app development project for a bank. A Clutch analyst personally contacted the client to conduct the phone interview and it was published in early February.

Our team was able to meet the client’s expectations and we were able to provide different solutions to their needs. When asked about what makes Umbrella IT standout, the client responded:

“They remained calm and came up with reliable solutions in challenging situations. When they took over the project, they were able to address all of the challenges we were facing”. 

“It was really important that both of our teams were aligned on our project goals, so we established metrics to track the project’s progress, outlined the product roadmap, and planned synchronization calls to ensure we were on the same page”. 

Head of Digital, Ikano Bank

Ikano Bank isn’t the only client satisfied with our development projects, and we are proud of the work that we’ve produced over the years.

Our team always pushes to deliver and satisfy our clients. We know that their pride, success, and recognition for our works are our best treasures. This allows us to rank high among top 15 New York City app development companies.

Moreover, you can also find our services on The Manifest, Clutch’s sister website. Umbrella IT is number one in their list of the top 20 field operations app developers in Russia.

The international agencies’ recognition and our clients’ insights are our motivation as we move forward. Our team is thankful to have platforms where we can showcase our talent and our works.