How Much Does It Cost to Redesign a Website?

How Much Does It Cost to Redesign a Website?

Umbrella IT

High-quality new things are often the duly updated old ones.

What is the proper way to organize such an update, and how much does it cost? This is what we’ll tell you in our article today. But prior to speaking of the specific values, it is recommended to clear out the redesign cost items, reasons to start with the redesign, its implementation stages and the right way to choose the specialist/team to perform it.

Any business shall keep up with the times or stay ahead, which is much better. To achieve this, it needs constant updating. And since a website, basically, serves as the "face" of the company, it should logically represent any changes.

So, you have faced the necessity to change your website. No doubt, there is a number of questions, you ask yourself in this context. Let’s find the answers together.


Reasons to redesign your website may vary.

The first thing to consider is conversion. In case of low or unstable rates you need to find out, where exactly the problem and/or problems lie; whether your site needs visual changes only or functional as well, or both.

The more precisely you define the existing issues, the easier it will be for you to establish specific goals and tasks to be set for the designers and developers. And the more precisely the tasks are defined, the more likely the final result will meet your expectations.

The main point here is to choose the right way at the very start of this long logical chain, leading to the result desired.

Do not give rein to your emotions. Reasons like:

  • I do not like the way the screen looks;
  • competitors’ site is much more interesting;
  • no one visits my website;
  • we have an excellent product, but it's just hard to properly present it electronically;
  • etc

are sheer emotions. Convert them into figures and facts.


In fact, things are very simple: you had your site designed once. So, you do know the process. Moreover, you do already know, what exactly you would prefer to avoid this time.

1. Start with collecting all the information available about your existing website and its design: scope of work, specifications, mockups, content used or not used, etc.

Perhaps, your previous experience with the designer was awesome, so you do not need to search for a new one. Or you might have some negative experience, and now you have the opportunity to organize the process in a different way to avoid it.

In any case, we have dusted off the suitcase with our past experience and are ready to move on.

2. What exactly do you dislike in the existing site with low conversion rate?

  • download rate;
  • failure to find good images (quality, message, color scale);
  • improper cropping/compression of uploaded images;
  • color;
  • content;
  • lack of animation or its excess;
  • complicated navigation;
  • software errors;
  • lot of negative users’ feedbacks;
  • poor SEO.

3. What exactly do you like in the other websites with high conversion rate?

  • originally presented content;
  • own “tricks” used;
  • variety of colors or monochromaticism;
  • user-friendly forms to be filled, etc.

4. Why are you sure, nobody visits your site?

Use online tools to study and analyze the website's traffic and user activity (Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Clicky).

If you already use them, it’s all the better. You can collect statistics for a certain period and determine:

  • conversion;
  • traffic generated by visitors (incoming and outgoing);
  • most frequently visited pages;
  • most frequent users’ actions on the site;
  • links most frequently used to land to your site;
  • traffic sources (where your site visitors come from).

These are no abstract phrases anymore, but quite specific figures and lists, which can help you to define the following:

  • the most significant issues with your site, you need to eliminate;
  • advantages of your site, which are to be preserved, improved and successfully used further on;
  • which specific values are to be achieved and what are the time limits.

Frankly speaking, the specific goals are difficult to be set, but they are vital.

For example,

We decided to change Umbrella IT site, because it did not meet those strict requirements we applied to our work anymore.

Site improvement was just one step on the long way. We developed the strategy, set the goal to increase the conversion rate, elaborated the plan and follow it consistently. Due to this, the goals that seemed to be fantastic some months ago, have already been achieved! And we are not going to stop!

You can draw conclusions on your own, or you may need professional assistance. This depends on many factors. But in any case you will lay reliable foundation for your new design.


You may. But in the long run, the idea to refuse from redesign of your website may cost you more than its consistent implementation at the stage, when first problems have just occurred.

Here are some situations when the redesign is required, and the consequences of ignoring them are critical for business:

  • obsolete design

It is quite possible, that the design, as a visual component of your website, is still acceptable. But if you do not consider responsiveness and adaptability, you will not be able to attract mobile users losing huge potential audience.

Consequences of ignoring: you may choose to save the website redesign services cost. But the technologies do not stand still, and at some point you will face the issue again. As a result, you will lose time and lots of opportunities.

  • rebranding

You have a full-scale marketing re-branding campaign scheduled, but (for any reason whatever) you decided to leave the site as it is.

Consequences of ignoring: if, against the general re-branding, the site will remain unchanged (albeit well-working and loved by the users), it will certainly be noticed.

Most likely, you will be forced to redesign it "afterwards."

And it's always more expensive to re-do and finish things by bits and pieces, than to do everything within one campaign. Instead of cleaning up the house at one go, you will put foot into the never-ending repair.

  • low conversion rates

Conversion optimization is a long and challenging process. And if you want to reach a stable growth, rather than uncontrollable jumps, you need to systematically modify the entire website (since it does not lead you to achieving your goals).

Consequences of ignoring: you may take some temporary measures, but even if the conversion increases for some period, the rates will drop again later on. And the time will be lost.

As you see, these are not the situations to treat as: "I'll think about it tomorrow."


Having done the complicated and large-scale "homework", you can think, who will implement the goals set.

  • Redesign may be done in-house, if:
  • your company has its own designers and developers;
  • you are a designer who owns the product;
  • you are neither a designer nor a developer, but are ready to independently create a new design using online tools (WordPress, Drupal, Wix).

Especially if you do not imply any serious innovations... but only having changed your marital status, you decided to change the mockup background of your website from Hard Rock to Provencal (or vice versa).


+ no time wasted for searching the contractor;

fewer organization issues;

+ fewer psychological compatibility problems.


- if you are not a designer (and have no in-house designer), the result may be disastrous;

- an in-house designer may lack the experience required. Especially if you plan introducing complicated elements (for example, animation) or dream of the design comparable to 10 top portfolios on Behance); 

- if you are not a developer, it will be difficult to implement the chosen (complex) design.

  • Do not hesitate to hire the freelance designer, if:
  • you are interested in changing the visual component only;
  • you plan to hire freelance developers additionally;
  • you are ready to arrange cooperation between freelance designers and developers by yourself;
  • your designers are busy or lack the necessary experience.


+ taking into account lots of proposals on the web design  market, you are offered various prices to choose;

+ you may also choose the designer qualification that suits your requirements.


- searching for a good designer may take much time (the more so, if you have never collaborated with good designers before);

- website redesign planning and deadlines are recommended to be monitored by you;

- no 100% quality guarantee (for this reason, insist on receiving the first result as soon as possible - even in small portions);

- in case of “one man band” freelancer (designer and tester, and developer) consider the risk, that some of the skills may turn to be poor.
  • Search for an agency, if:
  • you need a comprehensive website redesign strategy (including marketing analysis, development, testing);
  • you prefer have design and its implementation performed by members of the same team;
  • you have more trust with guarantees of quality and compliance with deadlines provided by an agency as a legal person.


+ you can choose the price;

+ you are offered well-organized and field-proven workflow;

+ comprehensive approach, case development;

+ up-to-date technologies applied;

+ checking and elimination errors and testing.


- it takes much time to find a good team.

The choice of the contractor will depend on the purpose, scope of your business, website redesign estimation, deadlines and specific features of your website.

And now we arrived at the key issue of our article:


The cost of redesign will be dependent on two significant factors

  • time spent for the job (which in its turn depends on the range of redesign complexity);
  • hourly rate of the professionals engaged.

Let’s see how it goes

1. How much time is required for a redesign?

As you may suppose, the time required is in direct ratio to the complexity of the task set to be performed.

In accordance with the complexity the sites can be subdivided as follows:

  • simple (about 70 - 200 hours required): 
  • mostly static;
  • no complex business-logic;
  • look conventional;
  • poor functional range.

For example,

business card website, ordinary informational site.

  • middle-level complexity (about 90 - 300 hours required):
  • redesign implies complex collaboration of designers, marketing experts, analysts;
  • site includes more than 10 pages;
  • site is animated;
  • many complex graphic elements;
  • content of various format;
  • specific functions.

For example,

corporate site with ordering functions or with differentiation by clients or address type, with integrated request handling systems.

  • complex (about 300 - 700 hours required):
  • rich web application;
  • with a special focus on UI/UX;
  • easy navigation;
  • the app shall run on various devices.

For example,

large-scale on-line shop, SaaS app.

2. How much do designer’s services cost?

Pricing for designer’s work depends on a number of factors:

  • specific field

According to SimplyHired data the average yearly salary of the web-designer in the USA is $62 000.

At the same time salary of the designers with different specific area may vary from $ 38 000 to $ 124 000 (see Table below).


And the cost in every specific case will depend on the skills you need, accordingly.

  • experience

PayScale shows that the yearly salary of the senior UX designer varies from $90 000 (beginner) to $129 000 (designer with more-than-20-years experience).

It’s up to you to decide, whether you choose the experience or enthusiasm pertaining to the beginners.


  • geography

It’s much written and spoken about the difference in hourly rates of the professionals on different continents, in different countries and even in different states of the same country.

Just have a look at the freelance profiles on any of the international job marketplaces, specialized in searching for vacancies and personnel, to get confirmation. The hourly rate may vary from $10 to 200.


Finally, let’s calculate the cost, in case:

  • you complete redesign on your own (assigned it to your in-house designer)

Cost. The value will vary.

You are the only person, able to calculate the price in this case. The similar calculation formula is offered on the Internet. You will have to consider the following:

  • how much time is required;
  • what is your hourly rate (or that of your designer);
  • time to be “extracted” out of your key activity;
  • extra costs;
  • risks, etc.
  • you have hired freelancer:

Cost. We take the average rate of $ 45 as the calculation basis. Through simple computations we get the following average result:

  • simple redesign - $3100 - 9000;
  • middle complexity - $4000 - 13500;
  • complex - $13500 - 31500.

You are recommended to search for an experienced freelance designer or product designer (focused on solving specific tasks in the field of marketing, analytics, and technology).

  • you have a contract with an agency:

Cost. At the average, from $12 000 (simple redesign) to $40 000 (complex).

Please, take into account, that the agency fee will be higher than the freelancer’s rate, at least, by 30%. The reason is as follows:

  • working with the agency you have not one professional as a partner but a complete well-organized team;
  • the agency covers a definite part of your risks;
  • the agency undertakes any extra costs that may arise in the process of redesign.

Your key task is to make the right choice. For this purpose, use any possible information channels and sources and treat any data carefully: special marketplaces and e-platforms, portfolios, feedbacks, recommendations of your friends.

And in case you succeed - just enjoy well-organized teamwork!

The above values are average and approximate and will vary depending on specific requirements and terms.

Perhaps, you will succeed in meeting a smart freelancer for lower price. Or you will be lucky to find some agency that makes you happy with their quality and price ratio. Just be carefull with the choice.

Any questions left? Searching for a reliable team? Do not wait till tomorrow  - we are waiting for you today!