How it works

Voice assistant is a framework that allows performing all the application operations by voice commands. The voice assistant is installed into an existing application.

Voice assistant:

– recognizes speech;
– helps to perform operations in the application;
– can keep small talk.

The responses are voiced and all dialogs are additionally displayed in the application as text.

The voice assistant makes a journey to the desired action shorter. The user needs only to say what to do, and the assistant performs the task.

Technologies used


Swift, CocoaPods, DialogFlow, Firebase


Kotlin, GMS, Executor, DialogFlow


Google DialogFlow, Google APIs

What issues can be solved by the voice assistant?

Retail and e-commerce

– Fast voice search for goods.
– Advising on the catalog and special offers.
– Placing and tracking orders.
– Collecting customer feedback.


– Informing about bank special offers and services.
– Assisting in conducting transactions.
– Consulting while applying for services.
– Reminding of payment dates for loans, mortgages.


– Informing about equipment operation.
– Monitoring critical values.
– Reporting failures.
– Training new employees.

Delivery and Taxi

– Assisting with order placing.
– Order Tracking.
– Inviting to rate the service quality.
– Serving as navigator for drivers.

Restaurants and HoReCa

– Advising on menu items.
– Order placing and table reservations.
– Assisting with order payment and tracking.
– Mailing special offers.

Why should it be implemented right now?

How to start using and how much does the solution cost?

You purchase a license for the framework, and we install it in your existing application. All of this is covered with a fixed price.

After that, we start with developing use cases. They are paid on a time and materials basis.


a license for 1 platform (iOS or Android) and its installation

Below is an example of eventual e-commerce use cases for 1 platform (iOS or Android):

Example of eventual use cases for an online store

Use cases:
1. To show a catalog of a specific product group
2. To inform about the current special offers
3. To show the discounted items
4. To show a product card
5. To add the item to the shopping cart
6. To change the item in the cart
7. To order goods delivery
8. To place an order for pickup
9. To pay the order
10. To check the order information
11. To connect with support service (in voice chat)
Total: 32 development hours, $4.7k

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