Rescue team

gets you a team of 3 Senior Developers, QA, and PM with more than 5 years of professional experience

Our awards

IT Team of the Year

Stevie IBA 2020

Winning Company

in Technology Category


No down payment

payment upon project completion

Up to 3 days

team members integration time

30+ projects

saved from missing deadlines

10 hours per day

average working time in the client’s time zone

2 weeks

average time to get the crisis under control

Cases when you may need IT Rescue Team

  • a deadline is approaching but the current team is not in time with their tasks;
  • the product repeatedly fails to function properly and it takes much time to remove failures.

What we do

We involve an anti-crisis manager in the project to sum up the situation and draw a plan of action. We onboard promptly top developers and QA specialists to solve the project challenges. We stabilize the situation, ensure regular releases of new product versions and help to get return on the investments made in the product.

How IT Rescue Team works


Within a day, the anti-crisis manager evaluates the primary situation together with the client’s key stakeholders.

Rapid product audit

We detect any underlying issues and independently assess the project’s completion status.

Plan of action

We prioritize the activities required and estimate efforts.

Solving urgent issues

Within 24 hours PM forms a team according to the project technology stack. Each specialist has experience in B2B and B2C projects under conditions of urgency and criticality.

Anti-crisis management

In case of a serious crisis we offer services integration and/or slimming down the functionality in order to meet the deadline. We undertake third party communication (contractors, counterparties) and coordinate the cooperation.

Meet those whom you trust to rescue your project

Mobile IT Rescue Team may consist of the following experts:

Mikhail S.
Senior iOS Developer

Projects: BCS Premier,  Ikano Bank, Life Lapse

7+ years of experience in iOS development.

Mikhail’s portfolio covers 10+ long-term projects. He is adept in iOS stack: Swift, UIKit, AVFoundation, OpenGL, Cocoapods, MVP, MVVM, Redux. Mikhail is versed in fintech as he had been working on banking applications of BCS Premier and Ikano Bank.

Architecture development and complex UI engineering are Mikhail’s strengths. On key projects he acts as a technical lead has experience in managing a team of 5+ developers.

Mikhail Z.
Android Team Lead

Projects: BCS, Ikano Bank, Tips.

5 years of experience in Android development.

Mikhail has 6 long-term projects under his belt. As a team lead, he manages an eight-man team. Stack: Rx, Coroutine, Dagger2, Koin, NavigationComponent, Cicerone. Mikhail has experience with a new approach to UI building  – Compose, as well as with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. He knows how to build project architecture, including multi-module.

Alexey S.
Senior Backend Developer

Projects: BCS, Ikano Bank, Tips.

6 years of experience in Ruby on Rails.

Alexey has experience both with legacy and up-to-date versions of Ruby on Rails. His skills include optimizing database queries for high-load services, as well as refactoring and optimizing the architecture with the aim to increase the application speed. Alexey is skilled in updating the framework versions. He practices such principles as DRY, KISS, SOLID, YAGNI.

Denis N.
Senior QA Engineer

Projects: BCS, MindBox, Tips.

5 years of experience in testing.

Denis participated in 20+ Umbrella IT projects and made a significant contribution to every project.  He has experience in testing native mobile applications, complex microservice solutions, and testing Electron desktop applications.

Yana K.
Project Manager

Projects: Metro Cash & Carry, Fasol, AtTrack.

5+ years of experience in IT.

Yana is involved in 7 Metro C&C projects and has been accompanying the development of a mobile application for more than a year, helping to set up and maintain processes within Metro C&C with external contractors. Yana manages the development and launch of the AtTrack tracker counter.