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Umbrella IT Takes Top Spots in Web and App Development

Skateboarders and bungee-jumpers love the risk of what they do. To them, the thrilling danger is fun and exciting–it keeps them alive. But when it comes to online presence, why take risks? Umbrella IT is the recognized safe option in Russia. We were the first official Symfony partner in Russia. Our pedigree is known to our clients. Now, the prestigious rating agencies are catching up.

The online ratings and review agency, Clutch, compiles client testimony, case studies, and objective quantitative data to gain market insights on companies across the world in a variety of industries. Based in Washington, D.C., the prestigious agency makes transactions more efficient and transparent through the power of information.

We were fortunate enough to have been recently ranked a top web development company in Russia and a Top B2B Service Provider by Clutch in its recent press release! Web development is a passion of ours, making this achievement a welcomed checkpoint to cross.

Our clients’ candid and congratulatory reviews bolstered our stance with Clutch. Greg Sung of Onesky, for example, was thrilled with his experience working with Umbrella IT: “The team had strong project management skills and a diverse range of expertise. We were able to leverage those skill sets for writing the different framework languages”.

Martin Bruckmann, an inbound marketing specialist at BEE-Inbound, valued Umbrella IT’s company fundamentals: “I appreciate their professionalism, commitment to perfection, high-quality deliverables, and structured approach”.

Clutch also declared Umbrella IT a top app developer in Russia!

All of this recognition from Clutch is a consequence of our unmistakable commitment to our clients.  

Founded in 2009, we boast more than 200 successful projects that can reach into the multi-millions in capacity under our belts. From fledgling startups to hulking corporations, our projects span medium- to large sized companies. Our experience allows us to take on projects of all sizes to turn business ideas into cutting-edge IT solutions. Now, with additional Clutch reviews and rankings, we can only better understand our clients and the future of the industry.



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