IT process audit

$12.4k on average

IT process audit Product team audit Resource management audit Development audit Project management audit Testing process audit Technical support audit Audit of deployment and release process Risk management audit

Who needs the service

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) when:

  • they need to learn all the details and risks related to the department/team activities when entering a new position;
  • they need to clear out whether the department staff turnover is related to IT processes;
  • business needs the problems to be solved quickly, but IT states that there is no faster way, although the competitors’ experience proves the opposite;
  • they have trouble with controlling the release frequency;
  • the finished product experiences regular operation failures.

What we do

We conduct a complete audit of processes according to the worldwide standards. We provide a documented report listing all challenging areas and areas that can be improved.

Work stages

Entering into NDA

We sign the non-disclosure agreement.

Structure audit

We define a list of all team members, their roles and task areas.

Stakeholders survey

We define all process-involved managers and their level of influence.

Process immersion

We detect and rank the issues in IT processes by their criticality level.

Risk description

We predict losses for the case the processes remain within the old paradigm.

Searching for improvements

We offer the best market practices for process improvement.

Description of benefits

We predict the benefits due to implementation of the proposed improvements.

PDF report

We provide a report of 90-200 pages including recommendations.



certified auditors


successfully completed projects

International experience

10 years of business with industry leaders

10 areas

in IT process audit

Statistics after audit results implementation

Up to 1.5 times

increase in product release rate


IT security

Within 6 months

staff turnover reduces due to adjusted processes

Work samples