Quality Assurance (QA)

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How we work

We start from scratch or join in at any stage.

QA tasks include:

  • testing features operation and identifying logic and function issues;
  • application quality control and evaluation, client expectations checks;
  • operations optimization to achieve high-quality end product;
  • collating all respective documentation and reports;
  • planning and automation of testing procedures.

We focus on the client’s business goals.
Our client’s KPIs are our main priority. We work according to the client’s procedures from the get-go. Our QA specialists check the documentation, its accuracy, and completion. They also check whether the requirements are achievable, whether all possible scenarios have been accounted for, and what potential risks and issues can arise. Any required corrections are only actioned by our QA experts in agreement with the client and their team.

We practice agile development.
Our QA specialists follow each and every stage of the project, from the initial requirements checks all the way to the market launch. We work in short sprints (one or two weeks), at the end of each sprint we provide definite measurable results. We regularly provide feedback and collate reports as we are working on the projects. Every sprint ends with a demonstration of the achieved results. Any product changes are quickly executed as required.

We guarantee simplicity of any future product support and growth.
We fix issues in the early development stages and guarantee the proper function of the software across every platform and device that it’s designed for. We test on more than 40 types of devices. We conduct both positive and negative scenario testing.

What you get

  • a polished product in accordance with all requirements and standards;
  • complete documentation describing the current state of the product and all conducted testing, provided in your preferred format;
  • decreased overall costs of software development;
  • strong reputation with your clients built on the basis of meeting their expectations.

Skills and experience

Levels of testing

– module testing;
– component testing;
– integration testing;
– system testing;
– acceptance testing.

Functional testing

– web and mobile applications testing;
– API testing;
– security testing;
– integration testing.

Non-functional testing

– UI/UX testing;
– load testing;
– stress testing;
– configuration testing.

Maintenance testing

– Smoke testing;
– Regression testing;
– Assembly testing.

Automated testing

– system testing;
– web testing;
– mobile testing;
– integration testing;
– modular testing;
– API testing.


– Postman;
– Charles;
– XCode/Android Studio;
– TestRail;
– Java/Python + Selenium WebDriver / Appium;
– jMeter.

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