How to Hire Angular Developer: Top Angular Developers

How to Hire Angular Developer: Top Angular Developers

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Choosing the developers you choose not only the technologies and skills but also tools and processes used by them.  In this post, Umbrella IT will give you some tips to be considered to hire exactly the right and hire exactly the right AngularJS and Angular developers, who will meet the challenges of your project and bring your product to the top level.

Angular Projects: From Zero To Infinity

  1. Various Project Tasks Where Your Team Lacks Time/Specialists/Skills
  2. Development From Scratch
  3. Rewriting Existing Code
  4. Product Audit

One Angular Developer Or Dedicated Team: It’s Up To You To Hire

Agile Approach to Development

Angular Projects: From Zero To Infinity

No two projects are alike. What do your expect of Angular developers?

1. Various Project Tasks Where Your Team Lacks Time/Specialists/Skills

You can delegate solution of any tasks to an external dedicated team:

  • starting from urgent ones: for example, under pressing deadlines, you need to have a complicated project completed using any of Angular versions, and your key expert has fallen ill;
  • to those which are to be solved in the long view: for example, updating the app as new framework versions appear.

Umbrella IT unites experts with the various skill sets (170+ specialists), who are used to working in project teams and apply well-adjusted tested processes.

“They’ve saved me close to $250,000 Canadian. They’re professional and get the job done on time and within budget ”, – this is the opinion of our client and founder of Bounce Mobile Technologies with regard to cooperation with our company. We built the SaaS platform for online payments and internet shop, that includes the admin panel (to control the system in general), web and mobile apps for the Seller and the Buyer. The admin panel and the web apps were developed using Angular.

2. Development From Scratch

Angular is often chosen for large projects to be developed from scratch.

If you are going to hire  Angular developer, this means you have already made a decision to use the framework, and, undoubtedly, you are aware of its specific features allowing you to improve the code quality and to reduce the development time.

Thus, TypeScript used in Angular is characterized by strong typing. The object is cast to the definite type and not simply the default JS object is used for writing but the specific methods of the object.

This means, when in the process of development the number type is specified for any variable, our IDE will not offer us any methods that refer to the line and other types. 

Due to the component approach Angular allows keeping the structure simple and clear, and in case the clients apply to us with the task to scale up the product, the developers do not have to lose time to gain insight into the initial code.

3. Rewriting Existing Code

Suppose, you hired an offshore Angular developer or a team that worked on your project but have not met your expectations and there is no time left for writing new code. In such a case you need the developers experienced in a certain version of the framework who will be able to improve the code to the maximum extent for the shortest possible time.

Later, as your project achieves success, you would probably want to rewrite the code or scale the app.  And here starts a new story likely to be created by the team that rescued your app.

Developers’ engagement plays a significant role in such cases. Especially, when you hire remote Angular developers or any other experts. More than once in our experience clients with the initially small tasks returned to us again with new ideas and as a result, our relationships have been lasting for several years. After all, our clients do not simply receive a code, but the product that corresponds to their values and the quality that remains the highest priority irrespective of the time limits and size of the project. Besides, no client had to rewrite our code, that is why they trust us and come back again.

4. Product Audit

Say, it was planned to change your app from Angular 2 to a higher version. And the team has already completed the job, but you still want to make sure that the switching was performed correctly and will not cause any problems in the future.

In such cases, the code audit is recommended. Whether it will be done by your own specialists or external experts, along with the Angular knowledge they shall have well-adjusted processes.

In the course of the code review, UIT experts check the code style, architecture, code-level security, and critical and basic functions. After checking by our experts you receive not only a simple statement of facts, but recommendations on eliminating eventually detected errors and on optimization.

For more details on the audit types see our IT Audit page.

One Angular Developer Or Dedicated Team: It’s Up To You To Hire

Depending on the needs and targets of your future project, you may follow either of two ways:

  • to hire one Angular developer, in case the scope of the tasks related to using Angular is not too wide;
  • to hire dedicated team with Angular developers for more large-scale and complicated projects.

The minimum team include Project Manager, Team Lead, developer, and QA. Along with these specialists our clients are always provided with the developers possessing the required skill set, as the team is manned in strict accordance with the client’s requirements and needs.

When you hire Angular developer programmers, pay special attention to the proactive specialists who keep up with the times applying the most effective combinations of tools and approaches.

For example, in one of our apps, we used the duet Electron+Angular. The client part of the cross-platform app is written with web technologies in combination with the native modules using the same authorization as for the web-client.

In such instances, Angular allows reducing the time of coding due to applying the interceptors. Angular Interceptors are default integrated into the Angular library. Meanwhile, in React.JS the external libraries would have to be used for the same purpose.

The interceptor lets to integrate the token received by the user during authorization into all request. Otherwise, the tokens would have to be written into every requests. That means the developer would need more time for that.

More Angular project success stories of our clients you can read here.

Agile Approach to Development

It’s impossible not to mention Agile while speaking of development. It really is.

The agile approach enables a client to be fully informed about the workflow of the project. And by “fully informed” we mean that a client knows EVERY LITTLE DETAIL ANYTIME!

We use Agile in practice and it does work!

First of all, all the communication is organized through a single point of contact using a channel that is the most convenient for you (Slack, Skype, etc.). Each team has its own PM who is responsible for this communication.

You maximize the use of your time and reduce the risks of misinterpretation or delay in information exchange.

Secondly, the team’s tools and approaches ensure transparency of all the work processes at any point in time.  

For example, our clients get:

  • daily reports with a description of all the tasks being solved, issues being detected and potential questions to you;
  • demo version of the product every couple of weeks that includes everything that has been done by that moment. This means that each sprint (2 weeks) results in the project debriefing phase and there is always an opportunity to make needed changes.
  • access to the tools which help to monitor the progress status of tasks and сurrent work phase of any specific team member.

The Agile approach assumes the fragmentation of workflow that reduces the risk of reworking and ensures the transparency of processes. Therefore, although the average amount of the client's investment in the project starts from 20,000$, for our work a client pays per hour: Angular developer’s rate is 40 $/hr.

Thirdly, any task accomplished by a developer should be checked by QA. Only after the QA check, the task can be deployed and the result becomes touchable without any concerns about product quality.

Note: as you see, we cannot show you the complete process and tasks in detail, as we do appreciate our clients’ trust and comply with NDA terms and conditions but you may get a general idea of the development process we use in Umbrella IT.