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Legacy systems can prove to be stable in certain conditions, but with time these systems can’t keep up with emerging business tasks. Solutions that used to be the most practical at the time are now becoming a constraint and slow down the maintenance of already launched products, which is a critical area for enterprise business.

Diagnosing the system elements at the code and architecture level allows us to predict scaling issues, their significance, and what improvement steps can be made.

What does code review help establish?

  • ways to cut costs on legacy system support;
  • ways to speed up new product or feature time-to-market;
  • the timeframe for code modifications;
  • the technology that is better suited for this particular product or service;
  • whether there are risks for the new code to cause product regression.

The advantages of outsourced code review

One-off code audit

Code review allows us to analyze the codebase status, highlight the most critical errors that are impacting your business procedures, and propose a course of action for their elimination.

Independent expert review

Our developers work with cutting-edge technology and are experienced in retail and financial legacy systems. They dive into your project and get closely familiar with the business logic of the product.

Development stages

Signing an NDA

The client and UIT sign an NDA.

At the client’s request, we organize a kickoff meeting.

Review process

Our middle+ developer reviews the code, following the agreed checklist. The project’s architecture, code, and documentation get checked.

  • Mobile/web application — two iterations from 16 hours.
  • PWA — one iteration from 16 hours.

Final reports

  • Report: The report contains a brief summary, a list of identified risks and their severity, a forecast for possible future issues if the risks are not eliminated, our expert opinion, and advice for any required changes and improvements, i.e. if any technology is outdated, whether the integrations are set up correctly, and which ones are best suited for this type of project.
  • Appendix: The appendix contains person-hour estimates and recommendations for future product development, as well as an evaluation of its undertaking by the UIT team.

Code review and audit case studies

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