Eliminating tech debt: up to 80% in 1 month without project delay

Technical debt challenges for business

The speed of change delivery is of significant value for business as any new function is to be implemented fast to leave the competition behind. As a result, to satisfy business demands and requirements developers are looking for the best solution at the moment. The solutions of the kind lead to technical debt accumulation. Support of an extended code base requires more resources resulting in slower change delivery. And consequently, in higher development costs.

Scope we cover within 1 month

The UIT dedicated team undertakes 80% of the accumulated technical debt so that your core team deals with their current tasks and an ongoing project runs uninterrupted.

The result in 1 month: we eliminate up to 40 bugs of medium complexity or implement 15 and more features that require adjustment.

How we reduce technical debt

Our team undertakes completely technical debt tasks, gets access to the project, and starts working.

Your team is working on their project. We need one point of contact (PM) on your part and once per iteration we involve an expert from your team to review the code.

Work stages

Signing NDA

  • The Client and Umbrella IT enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement that allows to get promptly all accesses and permissions required for a quick start.
  • The Client gets acquainted with a Project Manager. PM is a single point of contact and well-informed on all cooperation matters.

Start of works

  • The PM involves a technical specialist who checks the existing project code for any empty lines, errors, and deviations from standard.
  • The PM forms a technical backlog, gives an estimation of the tasks scope, and agrees upon their priority with the Client (from the point of view of both technology and business value).
  • The PM records the requirements, gets a Roadmap ready, and forms a team. Depending on the project nature the team may include a narrow focus specialist, for example, DevOps engineer.

Kick-off meeting

  • The starting meeting is conducted to gain uniform understanding of goals, expectations, risks, and issues.
  • From the very start of the project UIT Chief Technical Officer, Chief Business Development Officer, and Chief Quality Officer are involved for the purpose of internal monitoring.

Iterative development

  • We start with the development. We provide regular reports according to the Client goals.
  • If necessary, we submit the results of the works performed for review to a Client’s specialist.
  • Every week we conduct a demo making the Client familiar with the progress.
  • For the following week we start  the next priority task scope.
  • We perform the transfer and acceptance procedure.

How to step up the process

To accelerate the process one of your developers who has a good knowledge of the project background may join our team. We will jointly work on the technical debt tasks. Instead of your developer we will provide a developer on our part to your team.

Our developer will be pre-interviewed and is covered with the money-back guarantee in case the results of their work after 2 weeks do not satisfy you.



Swift, Kotlin,
Hybrid (RN, Dart)


PHP, Node.js,
Java, Ruby, .NET



$50 per working hour


$40 per working hour


$40 per working hour

Cases for technical debt reduction

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