IT resсue team: IT crisis management services

$22k/2 weeks
for 3 senior developers, QA and PM

Who needs the service

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Product Owner (PO) may need IT crisis management company when facing some of the following challenges in a project:

  • the deadline is pressing and the team is obviously out of time;
  • customer or user dissatisfaction with the application has reached a critical level followed by a sharp user churn.

What we do

We quickly bring in the information technology crisis management experts to assess the situation and draw an activity plan. We bring our lead developers and QA to solve difficulties.

Work stages


Within a day, one of our information technology crisis managers facilitates communication with the key stakeholders to assess the initial situation.

Express product audit

We detect hidden problems and make an independent assessment of the project status.

Activity plan

In this step, we prioritize the functionality to meet the deadline and list preferable IT crisis management solutions.

Solving emergency

We bring in IT crisis management team consisting of technical specialists with 5+ years of experience.

Crisis management

Under critical circumstances, Umbrella IT offers integration with services and/or functionality simplification.


No prepayment

payment after meeting deadlines

Up to 3 days

team integration time

5+ years of experience

developing web and mobile apps

10 hours per day

average working time in the client’s timezone

Statistics of results

10 of 10

projects saved from missing deadlines

In 2 weeks

the user churn reduces

Work samples