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How we work

We implement custom solutions:

  • we provide services for implementing new IoT initiatives;
  • we create apps for wearable devices and scale existing apps;
  • we integrate the voice assistant into existing apps based on our in-house out-of-the-box solution including required scripts.

We focus on the client’s business goals.
Our client’s KPIs are our main priority. We develop IoT solutions that allow creating new business models, using data effectively, and improving customer experience.

We practice agile development.
We work in short sprints (one or two weeks). Every sprint ends with a demonstration for stakeholders where we present the achieved results, discuss corrections, if any are required, and plan for the next sprint.

We follow the latest IoT trends.
While creating products, we adhere to state-of-art approaches and best practices and support the latest versions of operating systems. We use complex architecture solutions that correspond to the tasks (MVP, MVVM + C, MVI). Due to a large park of test devices, we test future products with various real devices, ensuring their correct operation.

What you get

  • the app that operates correctly on IoT device and all rights to it;
  • license for voice assistant framework and scripts custom-tailored for your business;
  • product documentation.

Skills and experience


– beacon;
– smart watches;
– bar code readers;
– quadcopters.

Voice Assistant

– retail and e-commerce;
– banking;
– production;
– delivery and taxi;
– HoReCa.


– Google DialogFlow;
– Google APIs.


– Kotlin;
– GMS;
– Executor;
– DialogFlow;
– ML Kit;
– Firebase.


– Swift;
– CocoaPods;
– Core ML;
– DialogFlow;
– Firebase.

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