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How we work

We start from scratch or join in at any stage.
We develop hybrid and native applications for iOS, Android, Android Wear, watchOS, ipadOS, tvOS, macOS platforms. We use cutting-edge technology to keep up with the fast-evolving market of mobile devices and systems.

We focus on the client’s business goals.
We work according to the client’s procedures from the get-go and assemble a team according to the project-specific tasks. We regularly provide feedback and collate reports as we are working on the project.

We practice agile development.
We work in short sprints (one or two weeks), and at the end of each sprint we provide definite measurable results. Every sprint ends with a demonstration of the achieved results. If required, any corrections are quickly implemented into the strategy.

We guarantee simplicity of any future product support and growth.
The qualifications of our team and our well-established procedures guarantee high code quality. Every application is tested in a real-world environment on more than 40 different types of devices. This ensures the proper operation of our mobile applications on different devices and operating system versions.

What you get

  • a polished application, published on App Store/Google Play;
  • the source code of the application and all rights to it;
  • analytics systems and middleware;
  • source code documentation.

Target industries

e-commerce online shopping cart


– marketplaces for goods and services;
– franchise applications;
– tender platforms;
– delivery services applications.


Finance and financial technology

– mobile banking;
– cashback services;
– applications for investors;
– discounts and coupon aggregators.



– Uber-like applications;
– GPS monitoring services;
– routing;
– payment systems integration.

Media and social networks

– CMS platforms;
– photo and video platforms;
– networking, friend-finding, and dating apps;
– chatbots and voice assistants.

Applications for business

– CRM systems;
– face and object recognition;
– speech synthesis and recognition;
– BI systems integration.


– AR applications;
– promo applications;
– applications for sales automation;
– personalisation modules.

50+ projects of native and hybrid applications

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