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Why choose us

IT Team of the Year

Stevie IBA 2020

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by AppFutura

How we work

We start from scratch or join in at any stage.
Projects with any architecture type on any platform: web and mobile applications; monolithic, microservice, or serverless architecture; cloud solutions, integration, infrastructure, and architecture audit, optimization.

We focus on the client’s business goals.
Our client’s KPIs are our main priority. We work according to the client’s procedures from the get-go. We create and optimize an environment (Development, Staging, Production) and collaboration tools, set up procedures; choose and put in place monitoring, alerts, and logging systems.

We practice agile development.
DevOps engineers look after the project every step of the way. We work in short sprints (one or two weeks), and at the end of each sprint, we provide definite measurable results. We regularly provide feedback and collate reports as we are working on the projects. Every sprint ends with a demonstration of the achieved results. If required, any corrections are quickly implemented into the strategy.

We guarantee simplicity of any future product support and growth.
We guarantee security, backups, restoration, and timely software updates.

What you get

  • faster development and better quality product due to development and testing procedures automation;
  • savings due to server resources optimization;
  • boosted security and vulnerabilities monitoring;
  • systems stability controls guarantee uninterrupted operation 24/7;
  • the systems are prepared for increased loads and scaling.

Skills and experience


– Jenkins;
– GitLab CI;
– Travis ci;
– Teamcity.


– ELK stack;
– Loki;
– Sentry.

Monitoring and alerts

– Datalog;
– Prometheus + Grafana;
– New Relic;
– PagerDuty.

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