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How we work

We start from scratch or join in at any stage.
We study and collate information about the product and its end users, model user journeys, implement design solutions to create a more user-friendly interface, develop UI for web and mobile applications, building design systems, and create interactive prototypes for application development purposes. We conduct UX testing. Our designers collaborate with the developers at every stage of the project, from analyzing product requirements all the way to testing interface solutions.

We focus on the client’s business goals.
Our client’s KPIs are our main priority. We work according to the client’s procedures from the get-go. We develop UX/UI with user satisfaction in mind, which leads to customer loyalty, sales increase, and higher profit margins for the business. We optimize UX/UI design and quality control solutions to decrease development time and subsequently, business expenses.

We practice agile development.
We work in short sprints (one or two weeks), and at the end of each sprint we provide definite measurable results. We regularly provide feedback and collate reports as we are working on the projects. Every sprint ends with a demonstration of the achieved results. If required, any corrections are quickly implemented into the strategy or product.

We guarantee simplicity of any future product support and growth.
We systematically approach UX/UI design process and provide UI kits and design systems to simplify future product updates and expansion.

What you get

  • a polished UX/UI design made in accordance with established requirements and standards;
  • documentation on the UX/UI and undertaken research;
  • decreased overall costs of software development;
  • profit margins growth due to increased client loyalty and engagement.

Skills and experience

UX analytics

– product target audience research;
– drafting a navigation map;
– usability assessment.

UX testing

– A/B testing;
– usability testing;
– writing test scenarios;
– test results feedback and recommendations.

Content generation

– UX copywriting;
– animation and video clips;
– banners;
– static graphics.

Web and mobile interface design

– research;
– prototyping;
– design;
– testing.

Design case studies

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