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How we work

We join in at any stage.
At any stage of product development, we perform tasks related to collection, storage, processing, visualization, and access to vast amounts of data.

We focus on the client’s business goals.

Our client’s KPIs are our main priority. We develop solutions for analyzing and processing large amounts of data in the channels of banks, retailers, and media companies. We work with any data that is necessary for the development of the client’s business: external and internal products, customers and consumers, suppliers, and franchisees.

We do not interfere with the client’s current processes.
We optimize the logic of data processing processes, perform migration to faster services, and reduce expenses for infrastructure. We work in parallel with the current processes, without affecting them and without losing the accuracy of data processing. If necessary, we save UX so that users do not have to retrain to sign in, register, log in, etc.

What you get

  • adequately configured data storage;
  • developed and adjusted data pipelines that ensure uninterrupted data processing;
  • reports and visualizations of requested datasets and samples.

Skills and experience

Data storage

– GCP BigQuery;
– AWS Redshift;
– SnowFlake.


– Custom development;
– Airflow;
– xPlenty.


– Looker;
– Custom dashboards;
– PowerBI.

Big Data solutions

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