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Why choose us

Best Marketing App

Stevie IBA 2020

Best VR App Development Company

by ThinkMobiles

How we work

We join in at any stage.
We will implement your idea of ​​an AR / VR app or help integrate new features into an existing product. Our experts have experience in the development and maintenance of 20+ AR / VR products.

We focus on the client’s business goals.
We use augmented and virtual reality technologies to implement solutions that allow for improving the quality of service, drawing attention to the brand, reducing costs, or increasing sales.

We focus on high-quality UI and UX.
We apply the world’s best practices to make user interaction with digital reality easy and convenient. We use rapidly developing frameworks and services (ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia, and others), which allow the creation of complex models, ensuring their stability in space, including high speed of rendering and response.

What you get

  • AR/VR app published on App Store/Google Play;
  • source code of the app with documents, all rights to it;
  • systems of analytics and intermediate distribution.

Skills and experience

e-commerce online shopping cart

Marketing and sales

– virtual try-on in an app;
– online consultations for choosing goods using AR;
– AR stands for try-on;
– selecting materials, furniture, and home decoration;
– real estate virtual tour.


– learning materials with AR tags;
– interactive VR visualizations.

Entertainment and leisure

– AR filters and masks for video chat;
– game apps;
– virtual reality quests;
– VR therapy for stress relief.


– travel agency brochures with AR tags;
– AR guides for locations and museum guides;
– 360-degree tours;
– virtual excursions.

AR/VR-based solutions

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