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How we work

We work with projects of various complexity.

  • we design software architecture from scratch according to the client’s requirements and design data storage systems (relational and non-relational databases) and data caching systems (Redis, Memcache, etc.);
  • we conduct comprehensive IT audits, and elaborate strategies for IT landscape development.
  • we design solutions for monolithic architecture integration by developing a set of microservices in such a way that the integration can be performed within a short time without any failures in the main app.

We practice agile development.
We work in short sprints (one or two weeks), and at the end of each sprint, we provide definite measurable results. Design of the architecture and monitoring whether the development complies with the architecture belong to the area of responsibility of heads of development or team leads.

We focus on easy support and further development.
We design the architecture taking into account the flexibility and scalability of the system to make it possible to easily change or add new features.

What you get

  • a system capable of solving correctly the tasks set;
  • documentation;
  • diagram of the designed and implemented software architecture with the description of each microservice;
  • the best choice of technologies for each microservice.

Skills and experience

Architecture pattern

– Layered pattern;
– Model-View-Controller pattern;
– Client-Server pattern.


– monolith;
– microservices;
– serverless.


– PWA;
– SPA;
– SSR.

Architecture design cases

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