Cloud-based system integration for EdTech Platform

$20k/2 weeks on average

Normally, a team consists of an Anti-Crisis Manager, Тech Lead, DevOps Engineer, QA Engineer. 

Who needs the service

Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Edtech Product Owner (PO), when:

  • traffic growth leads to the system stability failure or reduction in data processing speed quality;
  • infrastructure is required to be upgraded by implementing new formats of online learning;
  • there emerged a need to integrate with the unified interface of the education system;
  • it is unprofitable to scale/create own data center.


No prepayment

payment after integration

5+ years of experience

top specialists

10 h/day

average working time in the client’s timezone

Up to 2 days

time to onboard all team members

What we do

We promptly get an Anti-Crisis Manager involved to evaluate the situation and develop a strategy. We involve top IT specialists and QA to meet challenges. We conduct an express audit. We integrate the platform with the selected cloud service.

Statistics of results

2 weeks

for integration with cloud service

Work stages

Developing a comprehensive strategy
Within a day, the Anti-Crisis Manager evaluates the primary situation with key stakeholders. Together with a Tech Lead, they develop a methodology for integrating the local platform with cloud IaaS/SaaS to deliver the maximum business results.

Signing NDA and getting access
– simultaneously we sign a non-disclosure agreement covering the confidential information;
– we get access to the repository, environment, project tools, etc;
– within 2 days, we onboard an IT team of specialists with more than 5 years of experience.

Express-audit of the product
We detect hidden problems and conduct an independent assessment of the platform, including a code and application architecture review, an audit of data storage systems, diagnostics of the infrastructure and its readiness for integration.

Integration with the cloud
We eliminate the detected inconsistencies and vulnerabilities. We implement connections between the cloud solution and the existing EdTech platform infrastructure including a scaling feature. We customize the resulting system management processes.