Customer Development Services and UX Design

5 screens and 1 user journey for $8k

The key bottleneck of Customer Development methodology is that having tried once, you feel like testing everything.

The Customer Development model is required when

  • an app is planned to be developed but it is not clear whether a new product will be user-friendly for end-users;
  • irrelevant ideas need to be filtered out before starting the development to minimize investments;
  • the product targeted audience does not grow, the engagement rate does not increase, the conversion rate drops, and the possibility shall be found to improve the mentioned metrics;
  • apps rating in App Store/Play Market is below 3.8 and precise and single-point changes are required.

Creating a product to be bought

70% savings

by filtering out irrelevant ideas

80% match the demand

due to well-thought-out site/app structure

up to 2 times

higher desired action conversion rate

to 30%

lower bounce rate

Reasons behind performance

  • we form a focus group of real users who belong to targeted audience;
  • we go through the user journey in detail based on real cases and fill in the content received from your stakeholders;
  • before development we fix any eventual mistakes and eliminate ineffective UX practices;
  • we collect user insights that can be further used for marketing purposes;
  • depending on the scope we engage the colleagues from UX Laboratory of the Higher School of Economics.

Customer Development process

Engaging team

Consisting of Project Manager, UX Designer, and Business Analyst.

Collecting and analyzing information

Business Analyst requests data from all key persones involved in product implementation. Further on, we segment the targeted audience into groups, define avatar and context for each one (up to 3 groups).

Going through customer journeys

Together with Client we determine any eventual user journeys and describe in details the one with the highest priority.

UI layout

According to the user journey selected we draw up to 5 screens of UI layout.

Selecting respondents

Simultaneously we form a focus group — making a list of participants to be agreed upon with you.

UX testing and layout improvements

We test the selected journey with 3 to 5 respondents. The improvements are entered into the layout.

Repeated iteration

We continue with improvements and testing till the positive feedback exceed 50%.


UI layout in Figma ready for development and conclusion on the hypothesis feasibility.

Customer Development and UX Design Cases