Dedicated Development Team

Usually a dedicated software development team consists of a middle developer, team lead/senior developer, QA engineer, and project manager

Who may need this service

Product Owner (PO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO) may wish to outsource a dedicated IT team if they want quick results and a flexible approach:

  • there are two weeks to put together a dedicated team or augment the current one with professionals with suitable soft and hard skills;
  • there are multiple projects that need simultaneous supervision;
  • there is a project that cannot be put on hold and the technical debt needs to be reduced (up to eight weeks);
  • the in-house team is not delivering results, but dismissing them would create even more difficulties;
  • the team is growing, but the number of releases is not;
  • the scope of the web or app development tasks takes 12–18 person months.

What we do

Within two weeks, we provide a dedicated engineering team geared towards helping you reach your goals.

Development stages

Engaging PM

PM acts as a single point of contact for any issues.

Phase roadmapping

The PM outlines the scope of work for 2-4 months, broken down into 1-2 week iterations.

Assigning a team

The dedicated teams of developers may vary depending on the client’s needs. IT outsourcing prices are calculated according to the price list. If you are not happy with a certain specialist within the first 2 weeks, you do not have to pay for their work.

Phase kickoff

  • We hold a kickoff meeting where we introduce the dedicated developers team to the client and establish goals.
  • We engage technical, business, and quality experts from the early days of the project.

Iterative development

We follow Scrum principles. We present our achieved results with every iteration release. Regular releases.

Phase completion

We sum up the results and start planning the next phase.

Our awards

Leading Outsourcing Company

According to IAOP

IT Team of the Year

Stevie IBA 2020

Why choose us

100% efficiency

driven by activity tracking

Up to 2 weeks

to bring in new specialists

2-week money back guarantee

when bringing in new developers

Once a week

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