Detecting Video Platforms Bottlenecks

$9k /1.5 weeks on average
Normally, a team consists of a System Analyst, Software Architect, DevOps Engineer , QA Engineer, and Product Owner.

IT product audit Security testing Functional testing Stress testing Front-end testing GIT repositories analysis Infrastructure audit Integration analysis SEO audit Legal testing Non-functional testing Vulnerability testing Source code analysis

Who needs the service

Chief Technical Officer (СТО), Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO), Product Owner (РО) when:

  • the server load has increased resulting in unstable video platform function;
  • reduction in video quality leads to audience loss and an alternative decision shall be found to restore the system stability;
  • a system landscape needs to be quickly audited to detect critical points/bottlenecks.



audit processes do not influence system functioning

Prepayment of 50%

remaining 50% upon audit completion

Quick integration

team onboarding immediately after accesses are provided

What we do

Within one and a half week we conduct a special purpose technical audit of IT product including: functional and frontend testing, and audit of the video platform source code. We analyze the condition of the product IT infrastructure, perform integrations diagnosis and stress testing. Compiling a task to eliminate critical bottlenecks within the next 2 weeks.

Statistics after recommendations implementation

Up to 80%

improvement in system operation performance


optimization without losses in usability and functions

Work stages

Signing NDA
We sign a non disclosure agreement covering confidential information.

Engaging PО and preparation to audit
A kickoff meeting conducted by PO (to introduce a team to the client and to set goals);
Getting access to a repository, environment, ticket and bug tracker. Deploying the product in the own testing environment.

Infrastructure audit
Analyzing environments condition. Detecting the processes of equipment monitoring, SLA/SRE function, configuration and deploy management. System diagnosis for fail safe behavior and scalability.

Functional testing
Exploratory testing.

Integration analysis
Detecting all available integrations and their status, analyzing any non-compliance with the agreement requirements and potential vulnerabilities.

Stress testing
Checking whether the video platform is stable under various stress circumstances.

Web/mobile frontend testing
Checking for cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility, UI/UX, etc.

GIT repository and source code analysis. Code Review
Making a list of applied technologies, libraries, and frameworks. Detecting strong and weak points of the current code condition.

PDF report
We provide an expert report of 40-200 pages covering prioritized bottlenecks and improvement recommendations.

Development task
We provide an assessment of the further development by Umbrella IT experts.
The determined scope of works is divided into weekly iterations.

In case you continue working with us:

We carry out the development activities as dedicated team in terms of T&M or Fixed Price model.

Work samples