Dedicated Development Team for Zillow’s Real Estate Solutions

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When this service is needed

  • your IT department urgently needs additional support while ensuring your end-users get the best experience;
  • you want to scale your development teams quickly and be ready to hit the ground running;
  • you’re planning to develop an innovative solution with undefined scope of works.

How does it work

Within two weeks, we provide a dedicated engineering team geared towards helping you reach your goals to build a safe, on-demand real estate experience. Our pool of experts is composed of IT experts with 5+ years experience in enterprise app development.

Under a dedicated Project Manager leadership, the team works with the T&M model in short sprints (one or two weeks). Every sprint ends with a demonstration of the achieved results which allows you to change the scope and the milestones on the go.

Throughout the work, you have 24/7 access to the PM, the agile task board and the activity trackers of each member of your dedicated software team. On a regular basis we transfer knowledge associated with source code and project documentation to the in-house team.

Work stages

Engaging PM

PM acts as the sole point of contact and is involved in every aspect of the collaboration.

Phase roadmapping

The PM outlines the scope of work for 2-4 months, broken down into one week iterations.

Assigning a collaborative, innovative, and dedicated team

The dedicated team is consistent in delivering performant, testable, scalable, highly-readable code. The team’s line-up may vary depending on the client’s needs.

Phase kickoff

  • We hold a kickoff meeting where we introduce the dedicated developers team to the client and establish goals.
  • If necessary we may engage c-level technical, business, and quality experts for key milestones of the project.

Iterative development

We follow Scrum principles. We present our achieved results with every iteration release. Regular releases.

Phase completion

We sum up the results and start planning the next phase.

Why choose us

#2 Web Developers in NY

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#3 Mobile App Developers in NY

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Leading Outsourcing Company

along with KPMG, EY, Deloitte and Accenture according to IAOP

Meet those whom you trust rescuing your project

Dedicated development team for your web project may consist of the following experts:

Ivan Z.
Frontend Team Lead

Technologies: JavaScript (React/NodeJs), Typescript, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS.

9 years of experience.

Ivan’s portfolio covers many Umbrella IT’s key client projects: SheKnows, BCS, BeeInbound, RevenueRiver.

During his career at Umbrella IT, Ivan has implemented many event-based systems integrations (CRM, ERP, Call Center, e-signature) to automate and optimize the work of marketing, sales, and production departments.

Ivan implemented a frontend system – an analog of FireBase Remote Config, which allows customizing the functionality of a mobile app for a specific user group through the admin panel.

Yaroslav G.
Middle+ Backend Developer

Technologies: Python, JS, PHP, GCP/AWS, Airflow, Snowflake, Mysql, MongoDB.

5 years of experience.

Yaroslav’s portfolio covers many Umbrella IT’s key client projects: SheKnows, BeeInbound, Ring Boost.

The highlights of his work are associated with PMC projects and such challenges as migration of a large number of data pipelines from BigQuery to Snowflake without downtime and data loss and optimization of data infrastructure that decreased annual expenses by $100k per year.

Nikolay M.
Senior QA

Technologies: HTML/CSS, SQL, Git, Postman, graphQL, DevTool, TestRail, Swagger.

5 years of experience in testing.

Nikolay’s portfolio covers many Umbrella IT’s key client projects: CIIN, OneSky, BCS Broker, NowDating, EIR Group, Smart Seeds.

He has an ability to identify and prioritize risk areas and focus on testing those areas. He also has an expert knowledge of APIs, native iOS and Android apps testing.

Nikolay is experienced in cross-browser testing, writing test plans and test cases for Smoke and Regress testing.

He knows how to work with Charles/Fidler-like sniffers and how to automate API, UI web, and UI mobile testing.

Kristina G.
Project Manager

Projects: PMC, SheMedia, Hamleys, Kardex, SberHealth.

5 years of experience in IT.

Christina has run over 25 projects in Umbrella IT.

On the SheMedia project she took on the roles of Scrum Master, PM, and Product Owner. She prioritized tasks jointly with SheMedia’s VP of Technology and controlled the execution of tasks on time. Her other duties were to communicate with stakeholders and manage their expectations of lead time.

You can interview the developers and test new hires for two weeks with a money-back guarantee.

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Client reviews

Jac Wong

Head of Engineering at ONESKY TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD.
We hired Umbrella IT because we needed a highly qualified development team to build our applications and microservices system. Umbrella IT provided us with expert advice and qualified work to meet the software requirements. We have built a confident relationship with the Umbrella IT team, their level of technical and support qualification is outstanding.

Aaron Mendelson

Director of Product at Vantage Technology Ltd
Umbrella IT’s output helped convert leads into paying customers and conversions. The vendor was commended for its dedication to the product. The teams used Slack to communicate, Jira for specific tickets, and Smartsheet for their project planning system.

Frank McMahon

Co-Founder, Mobile Payment Agency
Umbrella IT produced a great and efficient prototype. The client found it easier to develop their app. Moreover, their workflow was highly effective and communication was clear and consistent.

Kirill Vinogradov

Head of Digital, Ikano Bankk
Umbrella IT came up with creative solutions to address challenges and executed them while keeping the client’s vision in mind. As a result, the client is very happy with the final product. They were flexible and accommodated changes throughout the engagement but still managed to deliver on time.

Megan Honke

Program Manager, Apprecio
Umbrella IT has provided an outstanding experience for my web and mobile application solution. A team, lead by project manager, Oleg, has been communicative, creative, and provide solutions to my many questions. I would not hesitate to work with Umbrella IT in the future and strongly recommend their services.

Vladimir Stekanov

СEO Home Credit Insurance
The vendor fulfilled the work in a prompt, high-quality and conscientious manner and complied with the commitments under the contract. We plan to further grow our cooperation in the frame of other projects and recommend Umbrella IT as a capable and responsible partner.

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