Project in 3 months

The average team consists of 2 developers, QA engineer and PM part-time

Who needs the service

Directors or Product Owners (PO) who plan to launch a new project but face the following challenges:

  • the budget of the project shall be known beforehand;
  • the project includes too many uncertainties to be eliminated prior to its start.



successful projects in various areas


ready modules in the solution library



What we do

You come to us with an idea or prepared specs. We set the project terms and budget. Together we prioritize functions for launch. We develop and launch the project by ourselves.

Statistics of results

3 months

to release the project


fixed budget

Work stages

Defining the scope
We discuss and prioritize the functions in the frames of the budget and terms

Mindmapping and roadmapping
We create a detailed mindmap and define the sequence of tasks

Prototypes design and approval
We use the design patterns and HTML/CSS templates developed by us

Project start
We build a team consisting of a project manager, developers, and QA engineer. The development is carried out by sprints

Product release
We put the product on the market

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